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Drei Jahre nach Batmans mysteriösem Verschwinden ist Gotham eine Stadt, in der große Verzweiflung herrscht. Kate Kane tritt in die Fußstapfen ihres vermissten Cousins Bruce Wayne und schützt als Batwoman die Straßen von Gotham City. Batwoman ist eine angelaufene Fernsehserie über die gleichnamige Comicfigur von DC Comics. Ruby Rose verkörpert in der Titelrolle Bruce Waynes​. Batwoman ist der Name von zwei Charakteren aus dem DC Comics Universum. Die ursprüngliche. Wenn eine 2. Staffel von „Batwoman“ startet, werden sich Fans an eine neue Hauptfigur und eine neue. Batwoman ist eine Serie von Caroline Dries mit Rachel Skarsten (Alice), Ruby Rose (Kate Kane / Batwoman). Finde hier alle Informationen zur 2 Staffeln und


Batwoman ist eine angelaufene Fernsehserie über die gleichnamige Comicfigur von DC Comics. Ruby Rose verkörpert in der Titelrolle Bruce Waynes​. Wenn eine 2. Staffel von „Batwoman“ startet, werden sich Fans an eine neue Hauptfigur und eine neue. Batwoman ist eine Serie von Caroline Dries mit Rachel Skarsten (Alice), Ruby Rose (Kate Kane / Batwoman). Finde hier alle Informationen zur 2 Staffeln und E1 Episode 2. Luck sportowy, dramat. Euforia dramat. July click here, London: Dorling Kindersley.

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Warner Bros. Television Distribution. HDTV i. Caroline Dries. Three years after the disappearance of Gotham City -based vigilante Batman , Jacob Kane and his private security firm the Crows preside over a gala led by Mayor Michael Akins to turn off the Bat-Signal.

At the height of the festivities, Alice and the Wonderland Gang crash the event and abduct Crows operative Sophie Moore , prompting Jacob's stepdaughter Mary to call his biological daughter, Kate.

Returning from overseas, Kate learns Alice is targeting her father and sets out to locate her cousin, billionaire Bruce Wayne.

She discovers, however, that Bruce is Batman, who she blamed for failing to save her sister and mother after they died in a car crash.

Realizing there's more to the story, she dons her cousin's Batsuit , altered by Wayne Enterprises employee Luke Fox , before rescuing Sophie and foiling Alice's plan to detonate a bomb in a crowded park.

The next day, as the news reports on what they believe is Batman's return, Kate begins to suspect Alice is her sister, Beth.

Kate's growing suspicions about Alice's identity drive a wedge between her and Jacob, who firmly believes Beth is dead based on the evidence.

While trying to get Alice's favorite knife tested for DNA, she comes under attack from a group of thugs that manage to steal it back.

Deducing one of Alice's injured men used Mary's secret clinic, Kate frees him to give Alice a message. Kate then asks Sophie to buy her time while she meets with Alice, who refuses to directly admit she is Beth, but agrees to provide a DNA sample.

Sophie tells Jacob where to find them, resulting in Alice being transported to Arkham Asylum. Alice tells Kate she tasked her boyfriend, ex-Crows agent Dodgson, with killing Mary; prompting Kate to save her before rescuing Alice from a bomb intended to kill her before both Kate and Alice escape from the police.

Meanwhile, Kate's stepmother, Catherine, orders the thugs she tasked with stealing Alice's knife to destroy it. After interrogating Dodgson, Kate finds a parcel containing a live bat and a note from Alice that implies she knows her identity.

Dermott Daniel Downs. Bruce's former childhood friend, Thomas Elliot , leaves Kate an invitation to a gala celebrating the purchase of the building overlooking Wayne Tower.

Around the same time, a railgun designed to penetrate the Batsuit is stolen from a Wayne Enterprises facility. Kate correctly infers that Elliot is the thief, having learned Bruce's true identity and intends to kill Batman for saving his mother years earlier, delaying his inheritance.

When he takes hostages to force Batman out, Kate confronts him in a modified suit, adopting the persona of Batwoman as she rescues the hostages and disables the railgun.

Alice subdues Elliot to save a cornered Batwoman, but they part on less than amicable terms while the Crows take Elliot to Arkham Asylum.

Elsewhere, Sophie finds herself pondering her relationship with Kate, but dismisses them after enter a relationship with a bartender, Reagan.

Catherine finds playing cards left by Alice in her bedroom, demanding Jacob deal with her despite his concerns that she might be Beth.

Gotham publicly learns about Batwoman. Kate's relationship with Reagan complicates her efforts to catch jewel thief Magpie , who has stolen Martha Wayne 's necklace, and puts her newfound status as Gotham's protector in question.

When Dodgson develops an infection during his captivity, Batwoman drops him off with Mary for treatment.

While he is drugged with morphine , Mary impersonates Alice and gets him to reveal part of her plan: a mysterious figure named Mouse.

After getting the necklace back, Batwoman foils Magpie's latest heist at a museum gala; allowing the Crows to arrest her and take her to Blackgate Penitentiary.

Recognizing that she cannot be in an honest relationship, Kate breaks up with Reagan. To provide a cover for her vigilantism, Kate sets up a company to buy dilapidated buildings and turn them into low-cost housing with Luke as her assistant.

Meanwhile, Alice meets with Catherine at Beth's grave and demands she turn over an experimental weapon; threatening to tell Jacob the truth about Beth.

Catherine confesses to Jacob that she used a deer skull in place of Beth's, causing him to storm out. Alice is linked to a series of skin thefts in Gotham, so Kate captures her and gives her the chance to explain herself, while also leaving Jacob and Sophie a trail to follow.

The sisters travel to the rural area where Beth was last seen. A series of flashbacks show Beth being rescued from drowning and subsequently being held captive by a man who wants her to be a companion for his disfigured son, Jonathan Cartwright, who will later become Mouse.

Catherine tells Mary the truth about her deception and she storms into Wayne Enterprises in a drunken stupor. Luke calms her by letting her assist with his skin theft investigation, learning that they are connected to several escaped Arkham prisoners.

Alice drugs Kate and locks her in Mouse's home. When Jacob and Sophie show up after subduing Dodgson and the Wonderland Gang members with him, Alice stabs her father.

Kate escapes, takes Mouse captive with Sophie's help, and forces him and Alice to leave. Jacob recovers, but now fully accepts that Alice is Beth.

Alice promises Mouse, who she calls her "brother", that she will help him become whoever he wants to be. Scott Peters. A vigilante calling himself the "Executioner" begins targeting law enforcement and judicial officials he deems to be corrupt.

Alice has Mouse impersonate one of Catherine's researchers to steal the weapon she refused to turn over. However, Alice convinces him not to as she still needs him for an upcoming tea party.

When he discovers it was intended to kill Batwoman, he feels betrayed and confronts Alice; believing she wants to protect her sister. Sophie deduces Batwoman's identity, but is injured by the Executioner during his latest attack; forcing Kate to take her to Mary.

A flash drive is located, which proves the Executioner's claims to be true. This upsets Luke, as he fears it would allow his father, Lucius ', killer to request a re-trial.

Sophie escapes, but not before Mary urges her not to reveal Batwoman's identity. Jacob manages to kill the Executioner, only to be caught in one of his traps.

After Batwoman saves him, he tells her he was wrong to blame Batman for what happened to Beth and his wife.

Michael A. Kate runs into her old friend, Julia Pennyworth , while on the trail of a professional assassin called "The Rifle".

Sophie threatens to tell Jacob Kate's identity unless she ceases her vigilantism. The Rifle meets with Alice and hands over a mysterious vial as he mentions his boss Safiyah.

Kate invites Sophie to a local restaurant, where their show of affection upsets the homophobic owner. When they leave, Sophie confesses that Jacob was the one who convinced her to end their relationship, putting her on the path to where she is now.

Catherine goes to see Jacob, who reluctantly agrees to hold off filing for divorce. Julia poses as Batwoman so Kate can trick Sophie, but winds up captured by the Crows when the Rifle ambushes her.

Kate breaks her out and Sophie concludes that she was wrong. Nevertheless, Kate tells her it's best they stop seeing each other.

After purchasing a space, Kate and Mary open a gay bar. Jacob meets with Alice, revealing himself as Mouse, while the Rifle leaves for the Mediterranean with Julia in pursuit as the real Jacob returns from upstate.

Alice puts the next stage of her plan in action. Alice has Jacob abducted while Mouse sequesters Sophie and Tyler as her plan unfolds.

On Alice's orders, disguised Wonderland Gang members replace the security detail assigned to protect Gotham's Humanitarian Ball, where Catherine is to be awarded.

Alice rewrites her speech, making her confess to numerous crimes before collapsing. Alice tells a captured Catherine and Mary they have been poisoned by a toxin developed by the former's company and there is only enough antidote for one.

Catherine compels Mary to take it, expressing how proud of her she is before she dies. As Batwoman neutralizes the Wonderland Gang, she nearly strangles Alice in anger upon learning of her actions.

However Mouse, disguised as Jacob, stuns Batwoman to exfil Alice. Jacob awakes to find himself framed for Catherine's death and arrested by Commissioner Forbes.

Furious that Kate chose to believe in Alice, Mary is left devastated by her mother's death. Tired of doubting, Tyler asks Sophie to decide whether she loves him or Kate.

As Kate visits Jacob, both agree Alice is beyond saving and must be stopped. Meanwhile in Central City , Nash Wells uncovers a wall of symbols before a blinding light pulls him inside.

Following Catherine's death and Jacob's arrest, Mary tries to find an expert to testify in Jacob's defense and continues to distance herself from Kate while Sophie takes command of the Crows.

After Batwoman saves a hacked train from crashing, the perpetrator demands a large sum of money as ransom or they will release all of Gotham's secrets online.

Luke tracks the culprit to Gotham Prep, where Batwoman learns it was a lesbian student named Parker Torres, who was outed to her heteronormative parents by an ex-girlfriend and hoped to leave Gotham with the blackmail money.

Alice breaks into the school, abducts Parker, and forces Batwoman to unmask herself to Parker or else she will murder her.

She also threatens the school with a bomb and attempts to force Parker to out Batwoman's identity, but Parker contacts the Crows and GCPD instead, who evacuate the building and arrest Alice.

Afterwards, Kate offers Parker emotional support and reconciles with Mary. Batwoman later comes out as a lesbian superhero in an interview with Kara.

Jacob has encounters with a tough inmate named Reggie Harris. When she returns to Wayne Tower, Kate meets a doppelgänger of Beth, who happily greets her.

In flashbacks, Beth was shown to have an improving friendship with Mouse, but his father August Cartwright did not approve and got her involved in his latest project.

In the present, Kate tries to clear things up with the second Beth; who got displaced from her Earth following the Crisis.

Using a code Kate and Sophie learned, Sophie refuses to yield to Mouse's demands. When "Alice" does not use the proper code, Mouse captures her.

Kate breaks free, subdues the Wonderland Gang, and injures Mouse before rescuing the hostages. Alice gets out before she can be taken to Arkham, telling Sophie she has her own demons to deal with.

Later, Kate celebrates her birthday with Luke, Mary, and Beth. Suddenly, both Beth and Alice simultaneously suffer from migraines.

Sophie and Jacob petition Dr. Campbell for his testimony, who agrees if he can examine Mouse. Alice visits Mouse and learns of her doppelgänger as she continues to suffer from migraines.

When she meets her in Wayne Tower, Beth theorizes that only one of them can be saved. Remembering that Mary's blood has the "cure-all" antidote, Alice attacks her at her clinic to save herself, but Mary leaves Alice handcuffed to a clinic bed and escapes to give her blood to Kate so she can save Beth.

Meanwhile, Jacob is attacked by Dodgson, then saved by Reggie, who expects him to repay him before the other prisoners find out.

Exfiltrating Mouse posed as a guard, August leaves him bound in an unknown location so he can target Alice. Though Sophie follows, ready to kill Beth, she chooses to call for an arrest.

August snipes Beth instead, mistaking her for Alice, allowing Alice herself to quickly recover and knock out Kate. With the truth of Catherine's murder disclosed, Jacob is cleared of all charges and regains control of the Crows.

At night, people are targeted by a vampire named Nocturna. When Batwoman finds her latest victim, Nocturna stuns her with ketamine before taking a sample of her blood.

Sophie helps Batwoman before the Crows find her; advising her to keep her distance. Mary treats Kate before the latter works with Jacob to draw out Nocturna.

After speaking with Kate, Alice replaces the missing Mouse with a mannequin before she is attacked by Nocturna. Using facial recognition, Luke recognizes Nocturna as Natalia Knight, who suffers from porphyria.

Kate finds Alice just as Nocturna attacks Mary. Alice donates her blood to save Mary before Kate confronts Nocturna and defeats her with a forensic UV light.

Jacob confronts Sophie after viewing footage of her helping Batwoman and implores her to pick a side before suspending her until further notice.

Mary remembers finding ketamine in Kate's system, and realizes she is Batwoman while Alice realizes Campbell is actually August.

Kate visits Sophie by the Bat-Signal and they share a kiss. In flashbacks, Duela Dent struggles with making her face look "normal," so she smashes a mirror and uses its shards to cut her face.

In the present, Duela targets social media influencers. Still suspended, Sophie's mother visits her. Upon learning of her current relationship issues however, she leaves disappointed.

August hooks up Mouse to a fear toxin canister and tells him he killed Alice. While investigating Duela, Batwoman determines her next target, Myrtle, and narrowly saves the girl's mother after Duela attacks her.

Batwoman and Sophie later find Duela just as she is to drop Veronica in acid. While Batwoman rescues the latter, Sophie subdues the former and leaves her for the police.

However, Alice gets to Duela first and steals her face so she can kidnap Dr. Campbell and reveal she knows his true identity.

Meanwhile, as Luke feared, Reggie's lawyer, Bobby Reeves, visits him to establish his client's re-trial date in light of new evidence.

Amidst this, Jacob finds himself questioning the circumstances behind Lucius' death. In flashbacks, Gabi Kane gave her daughters necklaces that matched her earrings.

Taking notice of Mabel's earrings, she traced them to a locked refrigerator containing Gabi's head.

In retaliation, Beth turned Mabel's oxygen tank into a makeshift flamethrower. In the present, Batwoman finds a bound August near the Bat-Signal and alerts Jacob, who is unwilling to alert the police after what Forbes did to him.

When he asks about the second Beth, Kate claims she was a "skin thief" to hide her true nature while Luke and Mary track down her killer.

Meanwhile, Alice finds Mouse and frees him, but he hooks her up to the canister and flees, believing she's his greatest fear. Under the effects of the fear toxin, Alice hallucinates a zombified Mabel tormenting her before she breaks free.

Jacob arrives soon after while looking for Mouse and uses adrenaline to save her before arresting her.

Incensed by what August did to Beth and her mother, Kate accidentally strangles him, much to Jacob's dismay as he returns with Alice.

Sudz Sutherland. As Jacob buries August's body, Alice escapes with his gun. She returns to the Wonderland Gang hideout hoping to find Mouse, only to find her gang murdered and a threatening note from Safiyah.

She convinces Kate to help her find Mouse, promising to leave Gotham afterwards. They visit a nurse who treated Mouse, only to find the Crows taking him to Arkham.

Following a disagreement and fight, Kate agrees to help Alice break him out. They retrieve Mouse's cell key from Dr.

Butler, but when Alice goes to free him, Kate locks her in; revealing she was part of a sting operation with Jacob to capture her. Meanwhile, Jacob instructs Sophie to investigate Lucius' death after hearing of Reggie's re-trial.

More of Alice's dark past is uncovered when Cartwright shares a twisted story with Kate while Jacob goes searching for his wayward daughter.

Mary and Luke follow a lead on Beth's killer. Kate begins to question her instincts and Luke gets upsetting news. Alice seeks her sister's help with a special task.

Batwoman encounters a new challenge when an old villain resurfaces; Alice's limits are tested. A new member joins Batwoman's team, and Batwoman sets out to recover Lucius' journal.

When members of Gotham's intelligentsia begin disappearing, Jacob and the Crows go searching for the newest homicidal threat to the city; Kate starts questioning the loyalty of everyone around her just when she needs them the most.

When Gotham's former heroes returns to settle a score, Batwoman and Cmdr. Kane find themselves on the defensive; Alice uncovers what could finally take down Batwoman; Cmdr.

Kane refuses to retreat from his war on Batwoman. See also TV Schedule. Add episode. Share this page:. Clear your history.

Episode 9. Bei der Click to see more versagt Batman, sodass scheinbar lediglich Kate das Unglück überlebt. Um sich an ihrem Vater Jacob rächen zu können, entführt Alice Jacob, während Mouse als sein Doppelgänger seine Ehefrau Cathrine vergiftet, an read more sich Alice für die Vortäuschung ihres Todes rächen. Camrus Johnson. Helena Bertinelli. Mine is a Long and a Sad Tale. KG, Kopernikusstr. Quelle: Caroline Dries Twitter. Wichtige Gastdarsteller Batwomen der 1. Batwoman hatte statt des Allzweckgürtels eine Allzweckhandtasche und ihre Geräte und Hilfsmittel waren allesamt optisch Gegenständen des weiblichen Bedarfs nachempfunden wie z. Jacob fällt eine Entscheidung, die Kate mit einem Fragezeichen im Gesicht zurücklässt. Die Episode wurde am see more. Ein verstörender Tod click here das Herz von Gotham, sodass die Öffentlichkeit Batwoman bittet, zu helfen. Jetzt habe ich die Wahl welche Folgen ich mir Batwomen.

Krypton dramat, Inspirowane komiksem. Pazury kryminalny, komedia obyczajowa. Who is America? Trust dramat.

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Beyond science fiction, dramat. Sfreakowani science fiction, horror. Kate demonstrates greater knowledge of the Religion of Crime, and even corrects Batman by saying there are 13 and not 12 covens of the religion in Gotham.

Batman concedes the case to her, and comments on the length of her hair though panels on the same page reveal the long red wig hides her actual hair, styled short.

Aspects of her personal life are also revealed, including her relationship with her ex-colonel father; serving as Batwoman's ally, whom she addresses as "sir.

Her lateness and night time absences are interpreted by her girlfriend as an on the side liaison with another woman. She breaks the relationship off as she believes Kate is not ready to commit to an exclusive relationship.

A past traumatic incident is also alluded to which she claims still haunts her. As she vaguely describes the experience, her face is shown superimposed on the page over a restrained girl with a bag over her head.

She later tracks down the new leader of the Religion of Crime: an elaborately costumed woman named Alice. Alice denies a connection to the Mad Hatter.

Kate is apparently unaware of her cousin's vigilante activities. While dancing with Maggie, Kate is approached by Kyle Abbot, a former employee of Bruno Mannheim who split from the Religion of Crime after the events of Through a conversation with Abbot, Kate discovers that Alice has kidnapped her father and plans to destroy Gotham by spreading a deadly airborne chemical from a hijacked airplane, thus succeeding where Mannheim failed.

However, Alice is accidentally thrown from the plane, only to be caught by Batwoman. Alice then shocks her by saying that Batwoman has "Our father's eyes," apparently revealing that she is in fact Kate's sister Beth who was believed to have been killed years ago.

With Batwoman stunned by the revelation, Alice stabs her in the wrist with a knife. Batwoman is forced to release her grip, sending Alice to her apparent demise in the river below.

In the aftermath of this discovery, Kate locks herself in her crime lab and tries to come to terms with what just happened, while the police struggle in vain to find any sign of Alice's corpse.

These scenes are depicted among numerous flashback sequences that comprise most of the issue. Throughout them, back story is provided from her childhood that depicts Kate, her twin sister Beth, and their mother being kidnapped.

While Kate's father is able to rescue her, it appears as though both her sister and mother have been killed by the time he arrives. Batwoman appears in the miniseries Cry for Justice , a set-up for a new ongoing Justice League title.

When the Justice League of America splits up following Bruce Wayne's death and a disastrous confrontation with the Shadow Cabinet , Green Lantern Hal Jordan leads a group of superheroes to Gotham in order to track down the supervillain known as Prometheus.

Kate is shown stalking the heroes from the rooftops after they encounter Clayface. The heroes request that Kate bring the body up to them, but she declines, telling them that she is much too busy due to a rash of criminal uprisings going on in Gotham.

Firestorm is then sent to retrieve the corpse from Kate and bring it to the team, who discover that Dolores was forced into fighting by means of a mind control device.

Batwoman is kidnapped by cultists and taken to London in order for her to once again be sacrificed. She is sealed within a coffin and taken underground to the last remaining Lazarus Pit in order for the ritual to begin.

After learning that Grayson plans on placing Bruce Wayne's corpse into the pit in order to revive him, Kate strongly protests, but he simply ignores her.

As the battle takes place, the cultists who kidnapped Kate detonate explosives surrounding the Pit, causing a massive cave-in.

Grayson discovers Kate, buried alive and with extensive injury to her spine and legs, and tries to help her. Before leaving to return to her home, Grayson flirts with Kate by telling her that he has a thing for red-haired crime-fighters a reference to his previous love interests, Barbara Gordon and Starfire , apparently unaware of Kate's sexuality.

Batwoman also begins hunting down a crazed serial killer known as the Cutter, who has been abducting young women and cutting off parts of their face in order to create the perfect woman.

He eventually kidnaps Bette, but Kate tracks the killer to his lair and attacks him. During the fight, Batwoman reveals her identity to Bette when she mentions her tennis career, and in the aftermath Bette is seen in her Flamebird outfit, saying that she wants to be Kate's new partner.

In , DC announced that Batwoman would star in a series with art by J. Williams III , who would also co-write the series with writer W.

Haden Blackman. Artist Amy Reeder Hadley would also contribute art, alternating story arcs with Williams. The launch of Batwoman 1 was originally scheduled for February , then delayed until spring; in early March it was announced that Batwoman 1 would be released sometime in Fall , as part of the New 52 rebooted DC Universe.

Williams III announced that he together with Blackman quit the series after alleging creative difference with the producers, citing a sudden change to not allow Batwoman to marry her partner as Williams and Blackman had planned.

In the New 52's rebooted DC's continuity, Batwoman appears as a member of an all-female team of heroes created by Wonder Woman to repel a faux-alien invasion of Washington DC masterminded by Professor Ivo.

After the battle is over, Kate asks Wonder Woman if she wants to accompany Kate and the other heroines to a bar in order to celebrate, but Wonder Woman politely turns them down in order to attend the college graduation ceremony of her old friend, Vanessa Kapatelis.

In Batman Inc. Batwoman later appears while tracking down a gangster named Johnny Valentine, who is wanted for his connection to the murders of three marines.

She tracks him to a local circus, the same one once owned by her predecessor, Kathy Kane. While chasing Valentine through a haunted house, Batwoman is attacked by what appears to be Kathy's ghost.

Batwoman struggles with and eventually defeats the "ghost", who is revealed to be nothing more than a blonde-haired female assassin clad in a wig and a replica of Kathy's costume.

Kate realizes that she recognizes the assassin, and asks her father to run a facial-recognition scan. While Kate restrains her attacker, her father reveals that Valentine is connected to a supervillain operating out of South America, and tells Kate that she needs to get down there to find out what is going on.

The next two issues are part of the crossover event Night of the Monster Men. These two issues are a prologue for Batwoman getting her own title again.

Batwoman plays a minor role in the first arc of the Young Animal series Mother Panic , where she tracks down and briefly interacts with the title character, who is a new vigilante in Gotham.

February 's Batwoman: Rebirth 1 lead into March 's Batwoman 1. In the "Fall of the Batmen" arc of Detective Comics and its aftermath, Clayface is tortured by the Victim Syndicate into becoming aggressive and violent.

During his rampage, he absorbs excess clay matter from the training simulation room used by the team, which makes him grow to giant size.

When all nonlethal attempts to stop his attack fail, Batwoman fatally shoots him with a special rifle that destabilizes his matter.

This action causes a schism in the team, leading Batwoman along with Batwing and Azrael to join the Colony. Kate is displaced from her Gotham residence during the storylines "The Fall and the Fallen" and "City of Bane" in the main Batman series, being out of the city on a mission when Bane takes it over.

In Black Mask: Year of the Villain 1, she assists Renee Montoya in tracking down Black Mask , who coincidentally fled to Atlanta to begin a new criminal enterprise after escaping a deadly police shootout just before Bane's takeover.

They manage to track him down, but he escapes after shooting Renee in the shoulder, which thus distracts Kate while she attempts to render first aid.

Kate Kane was a Senior Elite -level gymnast in high school. She also underwent resistance training for torture and incapacitating agents like tear gas.

Batwoman's suit was designed and built by Jacob Kane in a red-and-black color scheme, and incorporates features similar to Batman's own batsuit.

The main bodysuit uses dilatant -based armor and contains encrypted radio , GPS , and biotelemetry transmitters. During her time with the DEO, Batwoman's suit received permanent upgrades, such as tasers built into her gauntlets and gloves.

Batwoman's primary mode of transportation is a customized motorcycle called Red Knight One. It is usually depicted as a black Ducati with a large red bat-shaped fairing on the front fork.

Apart from being voice-activated, Red Knight One has no other special features. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the current Batwoman.

For the original Batwoman, see Batwoman Kathy Kane. For other uses, see Batwoman identity. For the television series based on the character, see Batwoman TV series.

For the attorney general of Pennsylvania, see Kathleen Kane. For the Irish botanist, see Katherine Sophia Kane. Not to be confused with Batgirl , another DC Comics superhero with a similar name.

DC Comics character. Textless variant cover of Detective Comics December Art by Alex Ross. Kate Kane's debut in 52 7 June Kane converses with Renee Montoya.

Layout by Keith Giffen. Kane's debut as Batwoman in 52 11 July Cover art by J. Promotional art for Batwoman 1 September Art by J.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 13 (the kiss) Batwoman ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie aus dem Hause The CW um die titelgebende Superheldin von DC. Ruby Rose schlüpft in die Rolle der. Mit "Batwoman" wird das Sortiment an Serien über Superhelden des DC-​Universums beim US-Sender The CW um eine weitere Heldin reicher. Netzwelt hat alle. Während Gotham auf eine unangenehme Begegnung zwischen Batwomen gut aussehenden Polizisten und Batwoman reagiert, feiert Alice ihren ultimativen Racheakt mit Mouse. Kate wird von Tommy Elliot, einem Kindheitsfreund und Cousin, besucht. Jetzt streamen:. Batwoman Ruby Rose steht vor einer neuen Herausforderung, als ein alter Bösewicht wieder auftaucht und die Heldentaten der aufrichtigsten Bürger Gothams auf die Probe stellt und Alice Rachel Skarsten hat Zweifel an sich Marcos Siega. Sag mir die Wahrheit. Alle Source auf Here.

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Deine Bewertung. Deutscher Titel. Sie sei für sie überhaupt erst der Grund gewesen, die Serie zu machen. Nicole Kang. Kommentare zu Batwoman werden geladen Das Ende der ersten Batwomen hat den Ausstieg auf keine Weise vorbereitet, sondern durch eine gewisse Plotentwicklung vielmehr bekräftigt, wie sehr sich alle Charaktere und Beziehungen der Serie um Kate Source drehen. The Apprentice Darth Maul: vs.

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Batwomen entdeckt ein Talent, während Lex Promis News zurückkehrt. Jacob fällt eine Read Mr Selfridge Stream are, die Kate mit einem Fragezeichen im Gesicht zurücklässt. Alice Rachel Skarsten verfolgt einen neuen üblen Plan. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Star Wars - Der Aufstieg Skywalkers. Sie read more jedoch keine willkommene Gesellschaft für Luke zu sein. Viele von Fans gefeierte Serien kommen bei nicht an. Sophie verlangt widerweillig von HГ¶hle Der LГ¶wen, Abstand zu halten, wohl wissend, dass deren Interaktionen ihre Karriere gefährden könnte. Sam Littlefield.

Batwomen Video

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