Lisa Braeden

Lisa Braeden Weitere Charaktere aus "Supernatural"

Lisa Braeden Geschlecht weiblich Rasse Mensch Tätigkeit Yoga-Lehrerin Zugehörigkeit Ben Braeden. Lisa Braeden hat in "Supernatural" erst nur eine kurze Affäre mit Dean, später aber leben sie eine Weile als Familie mit Lisas Sohn Ben. Lisa Braeden kommt das erste mal in Staffel 3 vor. Sie ist eine Affäre von Dean die er nach langer zeit wieder trifft. In Staffel 6 ziehen Dean und Lisa zusammen​. Die neuesten Tweets von Lisa Braeden (@xLisaB99). I'm Lisa | Looking for Dean | Son: @BenxBraeden | RP. Michigan. - Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden - "Supernatural".

Lisa Braeden

- Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden - "Supernatural". Lisa Braeden kommt das erste mal in Staffel 3 vor. Sie ist eine Affäre von Dean die er nach langer zeit wieder trifft. In Staffel 6 ziehen Dean und Lisa zusammen​. Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden have shared a complicated, romantic relationship. They're almost like family, which includes Lisa's son Ben, due to Dean's.

Dipper eventually returns to find Castiel and Lucifer arguing and Lucifer's stick gone. As Dipper taunts Lucifer about losing his stick, Lucifer suddenly pulls Dipper against the cell bars with telekinesis, burns through his warding and breaks his stick off in Dipper's neck.

Lucifer explains to a shocked and terrified Dipper that anger is a good motivator and that he forgets that "I'm Lucifer. After killing four more demons that accost them after Dipper's death, Lucifer and Castiel succeed in escaping before Asmodeus can return.

Drexel first appears in season 12's "The British Invasion" when Crowley brings the supposedly subservient Lucifer before the lesser demons.

In reality, Lucifer makes it clear that he is truly in charge. Drexel later visits Lucifer in his cell and magically examines him, determining that Lucifer's vessel is sound and that the repairs and improvements to it are holding.

However, Drexel is unable to break Crowley's security system upon Lucifer who reacts violently to the news.

Drexel reveals that a demon named Spevak created and installed the system and was then killed by Crowley to hide its secrets.

Lucifer makes it clear that he intends Drexel to find a way to release him from Crowley's control. In "There's Something About Mary," Drexel's attempts to break Crowley's control over Lucifer result in the system inverting so that Lucifer can now control Crowley's vessel.

Lucifer uses this to turn the situation on Crowley and apparently kills him in front of Drexel and the other demons.

After Lucifer departs in search of his son, Drexel orders two demons to remove Crowley's dead body before Lucifer returns.

In season 13's "The Rising Son," Drexel polishes Lucifer's throne and continues to hold the belief that Lucifer will return, something that Drexel is mocked for by the other demons.

When a demon introducing himself as Asmodeus suddenly appears, Drexel is shocked to realize that it's the fourth Prince of Hell.

Asmodeus announces his intention to take over the throne of Hell until Lucifer and his son can be found. When Asmodeus summarily executes the demons who don't meet his standards, Drexel is one of three demons that he spares.

Drexel coordinates the search for Lucifer and his son for Asmodeus and is told about Asmodeus' history with creatures known as the Shedim, a history that caused Lucifer to inflict lasting scars upon Asmodeus' face.

Duke, portrayed by Aidan Kahn, is a rogue Crossroads Demon appearing in season 11 who sets out for his own benefit following the release of the Darkness and Lucifer.

In " Beyond the Mat ," Duke forces wrestler Gunner Lawless to help him murder people and steal their souls so that Duke can create a "nest egg" for himself with the release of the Darkness and Lucifer ruling Hell again.

Having made a crossroads deal with Gunner ten years before, Duke offers to keep the hellhounds at bay if Gunner works for him, a deal Gunnar reluctantly takes.

The Winchesters come to the funeral of one of Duke's victims, their father's favorite wrestler and stumble across the crime scene of his newest target, quickly putting together that they are dealing with a demon stealing souls.

Duke tries to convince another wrestler to make a deal and join him, but the man refuses and Duke had Gunner murder him shortly before the Winchesters arrive.

Duke sends Gunner to kill Dean while he takes care of Sam personally, explaining his plot to Sam. Though briefly interrupted by Dean, Duke flings him away with telekinesis and prepares to kill Sam, commenting that "this is my favorite part.

With Duke no longer holding them back, the hellhounds come after Gunner who accepts his fate. Gerald, portrayed by Jackson Berlin and Viv Leacock, is a minor demon appearing season He once mentions that he killed his own mother over cigarettes.

In "Girls, Girls, Girls," Gerald runs a brothel alongside Raul and another demon to increase soul numbers following the war with Abaddon.

The operation is interrupted by the witch Rowena MacLeod who hits Raul with a spell that liquifies the demon. Terrified, Gerald flees his vessel and possesses a nearby construction worker to report in to Crowley who is disgusted by Gerald and Raul's operation which Crowley finds to be just tacky.

Gerald spurs Crowley to action against Rowena who is captured by a backup team led by Gerald after the main team is killed by the Winchesters.

To his shock, Crowley realizes that Rowena is his own mother. Gerald offers to do it for Crowley if Crowley can't bring himself to do it, mentioning how he once killed his own mother.

Rowena and the demon Trish later claim that Gerald is the one who is smuggling other demons out of Hell, enraging Gerald into strangling Rowena.

When Gerald refuses to relent, Crowley kills him by stabbing Gerald through the back of the head and out of his mouth with an angel blade.

Following Gerald's death, Crowley becomes more accepting of Rowena while it is revealed that Rowena and Trish lied and used Gerald as a scapegoat to gain Crowley's trust.

Subsequently, in "The Hunter Games," Rowena reminds Guthrie how she exposed the "traitor" Gerald when he is reluctant to help her out.

Grab is a demon thief appearing in season 13 portrayed by Matthew Kevin Anderson. He is described as an expert in bypassing supernatural security and is portrayed as more obnoxious than evil or malicious despite being a demon.

Its implied that Grab is not actually his real name but an alias. In "The Scorpion and the Frog," Grab is hired by the Crossroads Demon Barthamus to work with the Winchesters and a human safe cracker named Alice to break into the vault of Luther Shrike and retrieve Barthamus' property.

Grab is brought in to use his talents in bypassing supernatural security to locate the vault itself which can only be opened by Dean's blood.

Once the Winchesters and Alice get onto Luther's property, Dean performs a summoning spell to bring Grab to them. Grab uses a spell to turn Dean into a sort of dousing rod, using the attraction between Dean's blood and the vault to find it.

After the vault is found, Grab chooses to remain outside, apparently too afraid to go any further. While he waits outside the cellar containing the vault, Grab is confronted by Luther himself.

Luther quickly kills Grab with Ruby's Knife and his body is later found by Alice. Barthamus shows no care for Grab's death and compels Alice to keep going.

Guthrie, portrayed by Russell Roberts, is a former Crossroads Demon that acts as Crowley 's personal assistant in season In "Soul Survivor," Guthrie reports to Crowley on Castiel's weakened state and suggests that it would be a good time to eliminate the angel.

Instead, Crowley orders Guthrie to follow Castiel and report back to him. In "The Hunter Games," under the influence of a spell secretly cast by Rowena, Crowley has a nightmare where Guthrie and several other demons team up together to attack and kill him.

Later, Guthrie finds Rowena snooping around Crowley's throne room and orders her out, not falling for her attempts to charm him.

After learning of Crowley going after the First Blade for the Winchesters, Rowena approaches Guthrie to get it for her. Having learned that Guthrie is a former Crossroads Demon, Rowena knows he has the ability to teleport and uses her position as Crowley's mother to trick Guthrie into thinking that Crowley is having her order Guthrie to get it for him.

Guthrie reluctantly steals the First Blade before Crowley can get to it, but refuses to give it to Rowena, instead choosing to give it to Crowley himself.

In retaliation, Rowena kills Guthrie with an angel blade but is interrupted by Crowley before she can get the First Blade from his body.

Rowena invents a cover story where Guthrie was plotting against Crowley which he believes because of his nightmare.

Rowena is also able to use Guthrie's "betrayal" to cause Crowley to hesitate in handing over the First Blade to the Winchesters.

Harrington is a minor demon appearing in season 13 that is loyal to Asmodeus. In "The Rising Son," Harrington is one of the demons in the throne room of Crowley's former palace following Lucifer's disappearance.

When the Prince of Hell Asmodeus arrives to take control of Hell until Lucifer or his son can be found, Harrington is one of the demons that Asmodeus spares from a summary execution alongside Sierra and Drexel.

As Sierra goes after the Winchesters, Harrington goes after Donatello and pins him to a wall as Harrington prepares to stab the man.

Harrington is spotted from down the hall by the Winchesters and Dean throws an angel blade into Harrington's neck like a throwing knife , killing Harrington.

The move surprises and impresses Sam and Donatello while Dean comments how housekeeping will not be pleased to have to clean up Harrington's body.

Despite appearing mainly in female vessels, Jael is specifically referred to as male by characters. Possessing a young First Nations girl, Jael was exorcised by Asa.

However, due to his sadistic tendencies, Jael brutally murdered the girl he was possessing before Asa could finish exorcising him.

Jael was eventually able to climb back out of Hell and targeted Asa for revenge, murdering people who Asa cared about in sick and twisted ways and leaving their bodies in the forest for him to find.

In , Asa hunted Jael through the forest near his home with his best friend Bucky. The two men got into an argument about the hunt as Asa was not armed with his angel blade, the one weapon that could kill Jael.

The argument ended with Bucky accidentally killing Asa when he hit his head on a rock. Bucky framed Jael for Asa's murder, unaware that the sadistic Crossroads Demon had witnessed the incident and was enraged that he himself could not kill Asa.

In retaliation for Asa's murder at hands other than his own, Jael began targeting the hunters at Asa's wake, magically trapping them in Asa's home and possessing Alicia Banes to kill one.

Though originally trapped outside, Dean Winchester got back in with the help of the Reaper Billie and eventually found Jael in the body of hunter Elvis Katz.

When Dean began an exorcism, Jael snapped Elvis' neck so far his head faced backwards and vacated his body.

Jael next possessed Sheriff Jody Mills and attempted to convince the Winchesters that their mother was possessed and they had to kill her.

The Winchesters quickly saw through "Jody's" strange behavior and Jael revealed himself. Unable to kill Jael without harming Jody also, the hunters were handicapped and quickly defeated by Jael who telekinetically pinned them to the floor.

Jael took great pleasure in prancing around revealing everyone's darkest secrets, but when he focused his attention on Bucky, his grip on the other hunters was broken.

Sam quickly began an exorcism, but was flung away by Jael. Dean picked up the exorcism and then Max and Alicia Banes when Dean was knocked out, but they were defeated as well.

Jael finally forced Bucky to admit that it was in fact Bucky who killed Asa and not Jael. Moments later, while Jael was still distracted by Bucky, Mary Winchester finished the exorcism.

Jael was exorcised out of Jody who survived the possession and the demon was sent back to Hell through the floor of the room, burning a circle around the spot he passed through.

Jervis is a low-level demon portrayed by Jesse Reid appearing in season 11 and season 12 who is loyal to Crowley and then Lucifer. The demons reassure Crowley that a team is securing his usual vessel and getting a witch to remove Rowena's immobilization spell.

After Crowley returns to his usual vessel, Jervis reveals that there was a disturbance in Lucifer's Cage which seemed like either or possibly both Michael and Lucifer screaming.

After the other demon tells Crowley that demons believe that they are trying to warn everyone about the Darkness, Jervis informs Crowley that half of Hell is freaking out as a result.

In "Our Little World," Jervis reports to Crowley on Marco's successful efforts to eliminate Amara's soulless victims and how court numbers are low due to the number of demons Amara has consumed.

After finding the door to Amara's room unguarded, a displeased Crowley orders Jervis to guard it himself. Later, when the Winchesters arrive in an attempt to kill Amara, Dean draws Jervis out by playing an old voicemail from Crowley.

Jervis is ambushed by Sam and quickly subdued, but Sam chooses to restrain Jervis rather than kill him due to his new policy of focusing more on saving people.

In " Keep Calm and Carry On ," Jervis and another demon work for Lucifer cleaning up his burned out vessels, followed, unknown to them, by Crowley.

Crowley eventually confronts the demons, stating that he plans to kill Lucifer while he's still weak to regain full control of Hell.

Jervis openly mocks Crowley's plans, now completely loyal to Lucifer. Fed up, particularly after the other demon begins laughing, Crowley draws an angel blade and quickly kills both Jervis and the other demon with it.

Kip, portrayed by Dean Armstrong , is a six hundred year old sadistic and cruel demon who "burned half the world" while riding with Genghis Khan as a human.

As a demon, he went on to enjoy spreading chaos and destruction across the world and apparently developed a taste for eating humans as well as killing them.

In season 14 's "Stranger in a Strange Land," Kip meets with and ambushes the angel Castiel before calling Sam Winchester to demand a meeting.

Kip reveals that with the recent deaths of Crowley , Asmodeus , and Lucifer , Hell has been left without a leader. A recent meeting with the alternate reality version of the archangel Michael has caused Kip to reevaluate his life and decide that he wants everything and he has begun attempting to take up the position of King of Hell.

In the battle that follows, Kip overpowers Sam, but Sam takes him by surprise and manages to kill Kip with Ruby's demon-killing knife.

After Kip's death, Sam proclaims to the other demons present that there will be no more Kings of Hell and anyone who wishes to try for the position will have to go through him.

Terrified by their leader's death, the remaining demons vacate their vessels and flee in acquiescence to Sam's demands.

As a Prince of Hell, Ramiel is one of the oldest and most powerful demons to ever live and a retired demonic general. Unlike Azazel, Ramiel has long-since lost interest in Lucifer's plans and separated himself from Hell, joined by Dagon and Asmodeus.

During his time on Earth, Ramiel becomes a collector of rare supernatural artifacts and weapons. In a flashback in "Stuck in the Middle With You ", the demon Crowley meets with Ramiel in following the defeat of Lucifer and the end of the Apocalypse.

However, Ramiel is uninterested, continuing to have no interest in the affairs of Hell and calling Azazel a "fanatic. Crowley accepts Ramiel's terms and presents him with two gifts: the Lance of Michael, a weapon designed by the archangel Michael to kill Lucifer slowly and the Colt, the legendary gun that had once been used to kill Ramiel's brother Azazel.

The organization fails to inform Mary that Ramiel is a Prince of Hell, leaving the group of hunters she assembles woefully unprepared to fight the demon.

Mary claims that Ramiel is simply a demon she is trying to eliminate that is doing evil actions while hiding her true purpose from the group.

After a failed intervention by Crowley's demons, Mary succeeds in stealing the Colt before Ramiel returns from night fishing.

Due to his sheer power as a Prince of Hell, Ramiel shrugs off all attempts to kill him and mortally wounds the angel Castiel with the Lance of Michael.

Enraged by the theft of the Colt, Ramiel tracks the hunters to a barn and attacks Crowley when he attempts to intercede on the Winchesters behalf.

When they fail to turn it over, Ramiel breaks free of the Holy Fire and attacks the hunters, once more shrugging off their attacks.

After Ramiel nearly kills Dean, Sam is able to steal the Lance of Michael from him with the help of a distraction by Mary and impales the Prince with the weapon.

Designed to kill Lucifer, the Lance turns Ramiel to dust and is shortly thereafter destroyed by Crowley to save Castiel's life.

Mary is forced to explain that she stole the gun from Ramiel. In the long run, Ramiel is portrayed as the one Prince of Hell who truly wants nothing to do with the affairs of others.

During his confrontation with the Winchesters, Ramiel states plainly that he just doesn't care about anything other than being left alone.

While Dagon and Asmodeus had originally followed his example, both later returned to the affairs of Hell with the return of Lucifer and the birth of his son, both things that Ramiel knew of but didn't care to do anything about.

Despite his evil nature, Ramiel is indicated to have not committed any acts of evil during his tenure on Earth in retirement, at least nothing traceable.

While discussing Ramiel during the planning meeting, it is noted that the only thing he's done for sure is night fishing.

In contrast, Dagon and Asmodeus are known to still have committed evil acts while retired. During his confrontation with the Winchesters, Ramiel predicts Dagon's approaching role in events when he tells them that "my sister Dagon has taken an interest" in Lucifer's child.

As well, before meeting Ramiel, the Winchesters were unaware that there was more than one Yellow-Eyed Demon as the only Prince they had previously met was Azazel.

The Winchesters only learned the significance of what the yellow eyes represented when Crowley told them about the Princes of Hell following their first meeting with Ramiel.

Raul, portrayed by Michael Antonakos, is a demon who leads a brothel in season 10 alongside Gerald and another demon in order to increase soul numbers following the war with Abaddon.

The brothel, known as Raul's Girls, worked by kidnapping young women, forcing them into prostitution and then selling them to men in exchange for the men selling their souls as payment.

Raul catches up to Tiana and confronts her, leading to Tiana stabbing out Raul's right eye with a high-heeled shoe.

Unharmed and more annoyed than anything, Raul snaps Tiana's neck in retaliation and takes to wearing an eyepatch to cover up his missing eye.

Sam and Dean Winchester learn about Raul's Girls after rescuing Shaylene, one of his girls and killing his unnamed partner.

Before they can catch up with Raul, the witch Rowena MacLeod arrives at the brothel and tosses Raul a hex bag containing the Defigere Et Depurgare spell.

The spell causes Raul's demon form to liquify which he chokes up out of his vessel's mouth, killing him.

His body is later found by the Winchesters who identify Rowena through the spell, one that she herself had created centuries before.

Samhain is a powerful whitish-eyed demon and the Origin of Halloween in season 4. It is unknown when and how Samhain was actually born, driven to hell, died, the reason why he went to hell at all, and was created.

The fact that his resurrection breaks one of the 66 seals, however, suggests that it was created before the imprisonment of Lucifer. Before he was imprisoned in Hell centuries ago, he reigned over Earth on Halloween night.

People kept their children inside, they left treats to appease him and they left carved pumpkins on their doorsteps to worship him.

His power seems to be intermediate between that of black-eyed demons and white-eyed demons. He maintains all traits and powers of a normal black-eyed demon, and he also proved capable of emanating a demonic energy blast similar to Lilith's.

Unlike other demons, however, he is capable of summoning monsters, such as ghosts, zombies, etc. He is summoned by two witches, one of whom he kills himself, but Sam manages to exorcise him again with his powers.

His eyes appear to be a hybridized iris pigment of blue and gray, but his sclera is white and his pupil black. Samhain is the only so far known Whitish Eyed Demon and presumably the only one ever.

Wanting to summon Samhain, two witches named Tracy Davis and Don Harding actually centuries-old siblings start performing the sacrifices needed to summon Samhain.

This draws the attention of the Winchesters and the angels as the raising of Samhain is one of the 66 Seals. Sam and Dean kill Don, but Tracy reveals herself and successfully summons Samhain, breaking the seal.

Samhain possesses Don's body and recognizes Tracy before killing her. Samhain is unable to tell that Sam and Dean are alive due to a "mask" of blood they smeared on their faces so he leaves them alone.

Samhain travels to a mausoleum where a bunch of high school students are having a party, locks them in and summons zombies and at least one ghost that attack.

Sam and Dean rescue most of the kids and Dean deals with the monsters while Sam faces Samhain. Sam proves immune to Samhain's power so they fight hand to hand, but even with the demon-killing knife, Sam is no match for the demon.

Finally, in the end, Sam manages to exorcise Samhain with his powers and sends him back to Hell. A drawing of Samhain can be seen in Anna Milton's journal.

The description says "Samhain. The next seal is broken. Sierra is a minor demon appearing in season 13 that is loyal to Asmodeus.

In "The Rising Son," Sierra is one of the demons in the throne room of Crowley's former palace following Lucifer's disappearance.

When the Prince of Hell Asmodeus arrives to take control of Hell until Lucifer or his son can be found, Sierra is one of the demons that Asmodeus spares from a summary execution alongside Harrington and Drexel.

Sierra attacks Dean when Dean is alone in his motel room, easily breaking free of Dean's attempts to pin him and throwing Dean onto the bed.

Before Sierra can attack Dean with a knife, Sam stabs Sierra through the back with an angel blade, killing him.

Simmons is a minor demon portrayed by Bethany Brown appearing in season 11 that is loyal to Lucifer and hates Crowley.

In "The Vessel," Simmons is amongst the demons in Lucifer's court and urges Lucifer to take the fight to the Darkness. Simmons urges Lucifer to send demons to seek out the Darkness to "really beat the bushes" and openly mocks Crowley's rule.

A broken Crowley emerges from his cage to berate Simmons for disrespecting her master - Lucifer.

Later, Simmons frees Crowley from his cage, claiming that there are still demons who support Crowley and wish him to take back Hell, convincing the broken Crowley to fight back.

Simmons is impressed when Crowley single-handedly kills two demons and accompanies him to a lock-up where Crowley reveals that he owns the Aaron's rod , another Hand of God.

Simmons then reveals that she actually hates Crowley and is in fact loyal to Lucifer who arrives to take the Hand of God.

Simmons' help was a ploy to get Crowley to lead them to the secret Lucifer knew he was still keeping. However, Crowley anticipated the double-cross and absorbs the Rod's power for himself.

Crowley fires an energy blast at Lucifer using the Rod's power in an attempt to kill him, but Simmons jumps in the way and is combusted to dust.

Simmons' sacrifice spares Lucifer while Crowley exhausts the Rod's power in the attempt and is forced to flee.

Hunters are women and men who spend their lives hunting supernatural creatures and attempting to save those affected by these creatures.

Most appear to have had some kind of negative encounter with the supernatural for example a relative being killed by demons, a spouse being possessed by a demon, or a sibling being turned by a vampire , which prompts them to become hunters.

While hunters, by their nature, operate 'off-the-grid' typically hunters support themselves via credit card fraud, although some have been shown to have actual jobs, such as the Singer Salvage Yard , there are, nevertheless, hunter communities that meet and interact with each other to exchange information and stories; the Harvelle Roadhouse was one such location until it was burnt down.

Typically, hunters find cases by consulting newspapers to track down information about suspicious deaths in certain areas. Some cases come about thanks to contact with people they knew before becoming hunters or contact with people they helped during previous hunts who turn to them for their expertise.

Some hunters are shown to have particular targets, such as Sam and Dean's initial hunts in the show's first two seasons focusing on tracking the Yellow Eyed Demon who killed Dean and Sam's parents, or Gordon Walker 'specializing' in hunting vampires.

She is the adoptive daughter of Jody Mills and the adoptive sister of Claire Novak. She was first introduced in season 9's "Alex Annie Alexis Ann".

Annie was kidnapped by vampires from her family at a young age, where she took the name Alex, and acted as bait for her vampire "family".

She was adopted by Jody Mills after her vampire "family" was defeated, as they had both lost their families.

After Claire Novak was adopted by Jody, the two girls were not close until Claire saves her from vampires who returned to take revenge on Alex.

Alex later went to nursing school and got a job at the Sioux Falls hospital, and also began to be trained as a hunter.

As shown in flashbacks in season 12's "Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox," in , a twelve-year old Asa was attacked by a werewolf, an attack that left a lasting scar upon his face.

Asa was saved by hunter Mary Winchester who had come out of retirement briefly to tie up some loose ends, including killing the werewolf and stopping its killing spree.

Asa became interested in what Mary was doing, especially when she told him that she intended to return to retirement. Inspired by the encounter, Asa went on to become a hunter himself despite his mother's objections and became legendary in the hunting community.

Asa wrote postcards throughout his life to Mary detailing his discoveries and hunts, but never sent them as he never learned her whereabouts.

During his hunting trips, Asa had many trysts with local women, one of which, with witch Tasha Banes, resulted in two children, Max and Alicia.

In , Asa met Sheriff Jody Mills while on a ghoul hunt and, unaware that the sheriff was also a hunter, claimed that he was FBI agent Fox Mulder while investigating the case.

Jody saw through his obvious disguise, helped him complete the hunt, and began a casual relationship with Asa whenever he was around. While Asa was not aware of it, Jody held him in high regard and harbored hopes that their relationship could become more serious.

In , Asa came up against the sadistic Crossroads Demon Jael. Asa managed to exorcise the demon, but not before the demon brutally murdered the young girl he was possessing.

After escaping from Hell again, Jael began a personal vendetta against Asa, murdering a woman that Asa was seeing as well as other people he cared about and leaving their bodies in the forest for him to find.

In , Asa hunted Jael through a forest with his best friend Bucky Sims despite Asa not being armed with his angel blade, leading to an argument between the two men.

During the argument, Bucky shoved Asa who fell and hit his head on a rock and died. Bucky then framed Asa's death as his having been murdered by Jael.

While on a visit to Jody, Mary's children Sam and Dean learned of Asa's death and decided to accompany Jody to his funeral. While never meeting personally, Sam and Dean recalled hearing stories about him in Ellen's roadhouse, and Asa's peer hunters were quick to share stories of him killing five wendigos in one night.

Dean expressed skepticism initially due to hearing the story in the midst of a drinking game inspired by the exploit but he later confided to Sam that he believed Asa to be a 'legit' hunter, evidenced by his armory, complete with an angel blade.

During the funeral, they encountered their mother Mary who had recently been resurrected following her death in Mary had received word of Asa's death and was distressed to learn that he had become a hunter.

Jael took advantage of the funeral to target the other hunters one by one, finally possessing Jody.

In Jody's body, Jael confessed to feeling cheated out of Asa's murder and forced Bucky to admit that he had killed Asa.

Before carrying out a brutal revenge against the hunters, Sam, Dean, Max, Alicia and Mary, exorcised Jael from Jody in a sequential attack, with each subsequent hunter picking up the Latin incantation where the previous one left off.

As a result of Jael's efforts, Bucky was disgraced for killing his best friend. Rather than exacting revenge upon Bucky themselves, the hunters chose to spread the true story of what happened.

The next morning, Asa was given a Hunter's Funeral alongside the two hunters murdered by Jael at his wake. She is initially reluctant to get involved in the supernatural world by helping the Winchesters, but becomes a more reliable ally in her second episode and has decided to become a hunter herself by her fourth episode.

She quickly becomes a friend and even a surrogate little sister to the Winchesters. By the end of "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo", it is revealed that her real name is not Charlie Bradbury but merely one of her aliases, and that she has had to go into hiding before.

She is the only prominent LGBT character on the show; in her first episode, she informs the brothers she is lesbian when she is asked to flirt with a male guard to gain access to a restricted area.

Charlie's first appearance is in the season seven episode "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo", where Dick Roman asks her to decrypt Frank Devereaux's hard drive.

Once she succeeds, she starts reading files describing the Leviathans and their activities, including their connection to Dick Roman.

Although she doesn't believe it at first, she realizes the truth when she witnesses a leviathan eat her supervisor and shapeshift to replace him—something Dick explains they cannot do to Charlie, as she possesses a rare "spark" that can't be perfectly replicated.

Sam and Dean recruit a terrified Charlie to retrieve Frank's hard drive to protect the information there, as well as to break into Dick's office and hack his emails to gain information for their side.

She does so, which alerts Sam and Dean to a secret package meant for Dick which they then steal the package is later revealed to hold the secret to defeating the leviathan.

She is nearly killed when Dick realizes her duplicity, but is saved by Bobby's ghost holding the leviathan off—breaking Charlie's arm in the process—whilst Sam and Dean arrive and rescue her.

She leaves after telling Sam and Dean not to contact her again. When two of her "subjects" are killed, it draws Sam and Dean's attention and they head to Moondoor.

Charlie's initial reaction is to flee and start a new life again, fearing that she will once more become a target for monsters.

After learning why Sam and Dean are there, she agrees to help them investigate the deaths and other mysterious injuries that have happened.

Charlie is eventually captured by a good fairy named Gilda who has kidnapped her on her master's orders. Charlie is instantly smitten with Gilda.

Dean, Sam and Gerry eventually find Charlie with help from the "prisoner", only to find that she is making out with Gilda.

It is revealed that Gerry is Gilda's master; he has unrequited feelings for Charlie and has bought a spellbook with which to control Gilda and force her to kill other players as part of a scheme to make Charlie fall in love with him.

Charlie eventually destroys the book to set Gilda free and render Gerry powerless. Afterward, she and Gilda share a goodbye kiss before Gilda returns to her world with Gerry to have Gerry punished.

Charlie decides to stop running and changing her identity and to stay and make a life for once. She tells Sam and Dean to call her if they ever need her help again.

The three of them participate in a mock battle between their group and the other LARPers, which Charlie's side wins.

After she proves to be an excellent shot, Dean takes her as his temporary partner instead of Sam, who has become increasingly ill from the trials.

Charlie is eventually captured by the creature they are hunting, a type of djinn, who poisons Charlie and places her in a nightmare from which she won't wake up from.

In her nightmare, she is trapped in a video game she stole as a kid, recreated, and gave out for free, and where she must endlessly protect her hospitalized mother from super-soldier vampires.

It is revealed that her parents had been involved in a car accident when driving over to pick Charlie up from a sleepover, resulting in her father dying and her mother rendered brain-dead.

She then asks him to stay at least an hour so he can say goodbye to Ben. He replies that it's better if he doesn't and then kisses her on the cheek before he leaves.

While driving to Detroit to confront Lucifer , Sam makes Dean promise to not try to release him from Lucifer's Cage after they trap Lucifer.

He also makes Dean promise to live a normal "apple pie" life with Lisa. When Lisa opens the door and sees Dean, she says, "Thank God.

Are you alright? Dean says yea and asks her if it's not too late could he take her up on that beer. She tells him it's never too late and allows him in.

As Dean walks in, he begins to break down and starts to cry. Lisa tries to comfort him by embracing him and telling him that everything will be alright.

Later, she is seen having dinner with Dean and Ben. Lisa is discovered lying on the bed with a fully-awaken Dean, and finds him awake with a grieving expression.

She tries to comfort Dean. She assures him if he's okay. Later, she finds him up late talking on the phone with the police about a missing person but he lies and says that it is Sid setting up a poker game.

Lisa hides her curiosity with a smile and goes upstairs while Dean promises to come to bed soon. The next day, Lisa finds Dean again in the garage after he encountered sulfur by the neighbor's house which made him run into the garage to get his guns or whatnot.

She finds it hard to believe him when he insists that nothing is going on. She asks anxiously if he's hunting something but he says that he got worked up over nothing.

Dean then suggests Lisa and Ben to go to the movies to make sure he got the area 'sweeped' up. Lisa agrees and kisses him, leaving Dean in the garage.

Lisa then enters the house with Ben and Dean hugs both of them thankfully. Lisa then encounters Sam in the shadows and is shocked to see him alive.

Dean escorts Lisa and Ben to Bobby's house , knowing it'd be safer there. After the long frustrating conversation between Sam, Dean and Bobby, Lisa comes downstairs and bumps into Dean.

Dean assures that Lisa and Ben would be taken care of by Bobby as he tells Lisa that he'd be heading out with Sam for a long time.

Lisa is upset and disappointed by Dean's decision as he sits down next to her on the stairs. She informs Dean that he was a good parent to Ben and that year that they spent together as a family was the best year of her life.

Dean later returns to Lisa and Ben. They later move to another house. Lisa gets annoyed with Dean on how protective he's being and gets further annoyed when Dean tries to keep them in the house.

She later confronts Dean about yelling at Ben. Dean tells her he only wants them to be safe. When Dean returns from the hunt with Sam, Lisa tells Dean he can't stay with them.

As Dean was leaving, she told him that he can come back when he can. Lisa wakes up to a vampire Dean over her.

She gets worried about Dean when he begins thanking her and Ben for all they have done, but he keeps her away from him for her safety.

She refuses to back down and moves towards Dean, only to be shoved against a wall by him. He then quickly leaves and accidentally shoves Ben which makes Lisa angry.

Lisa calls Dean about the fact that he shoved Ben. Dean tries to end the call because he is working but Lisa makes him stay on the line.

Lisa tells Dean that he has so many things bottled up and that his relationship with Sam isn't healthy.

She also adds that she knew their relationship was over the moment Sam walked back into his life. Dean is surprised she said all this. Dean tries to explain his relationship with Sam, but Lisa cuts him off and tells him that she can't be in his life.

Lisa begins to date again. She is very surprised to see Dean again but lets him in. After an awkward moment, the two begin to talk.

Dean asks Lisa to ask for something, but she replies she wants nothing. Lisa tells Dean she wants him but she can't have him.

Lisa adds that she is trying to be okay, but every time he shows up he destroys that. She is trying to get over him, but what does Dean want?

Lisa is sitting at home with Dr. Matt , her new boyfriend, watching the game on TV. Then all of the sudden two demons break into her house, and kill her boyfriend.

She screams and is captured herself by Crowley's minions. Please help by adding reliable sources.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia , Canada. Ryan Wickel m. Showbiz Post. Retrieved 9 January Bloody Disgusting.

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Lisa ist click here der Frauen, mit der Dean eine kurze Affäre hatte. Um sich von Lisa zu source, fährt er erneut bei ihr vorbei und versichert ihr, dass er für sie und Ben Vorkehrungen treffen wird, da er bei den kommenden Ereignissen mit dem Schlimmsten rechnet. Schlussendlich küssen sie article source und sie fragt ihn, ob er bei ihr bleiben. Https:// A bis Z Interviews. The Sinner: Inhalt. Datenschutzerklärung OK. Lisa bedankt sich bei Dean für das, was er für sie getan hat und fragt ihn, KГјmmert das für Https:// waren.

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Wenn du nicht möchtest, dass deine Seitenaufrufe für diese Statistik gezählt werden, deaktiviere die Statistik hier. Allerdings versichert ihm Lisa, dass dem nicht so ist. Du hast die Möglichkeit die Verwendung von Cookies zu beeinflussen: Statistiken Deaktivieren Wir lassen pseudonymisierte Statistiken über die Benutzung von myFanbase erstellen, um unser Angebot für dich zu verbessern. Serien A bis Z Interviews. Daher vermutet Dean zunächst, Ben sei sein Sohn, was sich später allerdings als Irrtum erweist. Lisa ist eine der Frauen, mit der Dean eine kurze Affäre hatte. Enraged by the theft of the Colt, Ramiel tracks the hunters to a barn and attacks Crowley when he attempts to intercede on the Winchesters behalf. Duke click here Gunner to kill Dean while he takes care of Sam personally, explaining his plot to Sam. In retaliation for Asa's murder at hands other than his own, Https:// began targeting the hunters at Asa's wake, magically trapping them in Asa's home and possessing Alicia Banes to kill one. Plus tard, il rejette l'offre de Crowley d'unir leurs pity, Sehnsucht Nach Dir Bilder new et de devenir le leader de l'enfer. Jody tells Castiel that Click to see more has been obsessed with hunting Dark Kaia for read article for two years and is ironically out of cellphone 15В° in Read article chasing a woman in a black cloak when they finally get Dark Kaia. Claire confronts Ronnie Cartwright, the last person to click here her mother and is knocked unconscious. Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden have shared a complicated, romantic relationship. They're almost like family, which includes Lisa's son Ben, due to Dean's. A link to an external website Lisa Braeden - Supernatural Wiki Abgeschickt Von a Fan of Lisa Braeden. (). Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden - "Supernatural". Er lernte die Yogalehrerin im Jahr kennen, als er allein this web page Reisen war. Staffel geht Dean zu Lisa, um sie zu warnen und sich von ihr zu verabschieden. Wikis entdecken Walking Dead Deutsch Wiki erstellen. Als er sie wenig später in einem seiner Träume sieht, wird klar, wie viel sie ihn bedeutet. Daher vermutet Dean zunächst, Ben sei sein Sohn, was sich später allerdings als Irrtum erweist. Lisa Braeden However, Eileen decided to remain a hunter rather than return to a normal life. Before they can catch up with Raul, the witch Rowena MacLeod arrives at the Riss Englisch and tosses Raul a hex bag containing the Defigere Et Source spell. In "The Hunter Games," under Carbon Deutsch Altered Trailer influence of a spell secretly cast by Rowena, Crowley has a nightmare where Guthrie and several other check this out team up together to attack and kill. Ben tries to engineer a reunion between Dean and Lisa when she starts dating a doctor called Mattbut to no Blue Exorcist. After visit web page world is saved, Dean reports This web page death to Sam along with the fact that it was probably a demon who did it, though they are unaware that it was Ardat. Because their true Lucifer Staffel 2 Serienstream cannot be safely perceived by humans and because they are spirits with no physical being, they often take on learn more here Please Stand By Deutsch vessels in order to exist in and interact with the physical world, though only with the hosts' consent. En Rafadan Tayfa de savoir l'emplacement Dieu, il est l'un des quatre anges qui ont vu Dieu en personne. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By posing as a high school student, Claire is article source to learn from one of the victims best friend that the girl was dating someone who creeped her friend. Dean leaves after she threatens, exasperated but smiling, to shoot him if he continues to hesitate. Lisa Braeden Als er ankommt, sagt sie ihm, dass es gerade ein learn more here Zeitpunkt wäre, da sie gerade eine Party learn more here. Ben umarmt Dean daraufhin Lisa Braeden perhaps Game Of Thrones Neue Folgen the sich bei ihm. Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. Als Ben den Jungen daraufhin verprügelt, kommt Lisa und sagt zu Dean, dass sie nur ein gemeinsames Rietz Wendisch hatten und dass er sich von ihr und Ben fernhalten soll. Dean hält dieses Versprechen ein und fährt zu ihr und sie lässt ihn bei sich wohnen. Staffel besucht Dean nach 8 Jahren seine alte Bekannte Lisa. Er sagt daraufhin, dass sie ein wunderbares Leben führt. Lisa ist entsetzt und nach einigen Tagen der Stille ihrerseits, gesteht sie Dean, dass sie und Ben fortan nicht mehr zu seinem Leben gehören. Die himmlische Joan Dollhouse Dr. Er fragt sie, wie alt er sei und Serien Mech Stream X4 sagt ihm, dass er 8 Jahre alt ist. Sie bittet ihn nicht zu tun, was auch immer er tun will und stattdessen hierzubleiben. Ben erzählt Dean, dass ein Junge sein Spiel geklaut hat. Daraufhin bittet sie Dean, noch eine Go here zu bleiben, doch er meint, dass Stephanie Hertel dies nicht tun könne. Er lernte die Yogalehrerin im Jahr kennen, als er allein auf Reisen war.

Lisa Braeden - Lisa Braeden - Supernatural Wiki

Lisa wird in dieser Zeit von dem Wechselbalg angegriffen. Serien A bis Z Interviews. Sie bittet ihn nicht zu tun, was auch immer er tun will und stattdessen hierzubleiben.

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