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Andrea Walking Dead Andrea Cleven

Andrea ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead und wird von Laurie Holden in der gleichnamigen amerikanischen Fernsehserie porträtiert. Die Figur wurde von dem Schriftsteller Robert Kirkman und dem Künstler Tony Moore kreiert. Andrea ist ein Hauptcharakter und eine Überlebende des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. Andrea Cleven wuchs in Büdingen auf. Nach dem Abitur am Wolfgang-​Ernst-Gymnasium zog sie nach London, wo sie am Method Studio London und. Laurie Holden, die bei „The Walking Dead“ als Andrea Harrison zu sehen war, redet Tacheles: Ihr Serientod in Staffel 3 sei ein riesiger. In The Walking Dead Staffel 1 bis 3 war Andrea ein fester Bestandteil von Ricks Gruppe im Kampf gegen die Untoten. Wie die toughe Blondine.

Andrea Walking Dead

The Walking Dead-Showrunner Scott Gimple offenbart, dass das Schicksal von Andrea nicht ignoriert wird. Allerdings ist Andrea in der. Es gibt in "The Walking Dead" kaum einen Charakter, der die Fangemeinde so spaltet wie Andrea. Entweder man liebt sie oder man hasst sie. Somit ist eine. Andrea ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead und wird von Laurie Holden in der gleichnamigen amerikanischen Fernsehserie porträtiert. Die Figur wurde von dem Schriftsteller Robert Kirkman und dem Künstler Tony Moore kreiert. Andrea, gespielt von Laurie Holden, ist eine taffe junge Frau, die gemeinsam mit ihrer Schwester Amy sich einer Gruppe in Atlanta angeschlossen hat. Es gibt in "The Walking Dead" kaum einen Charakter, der die Fangemeinde so spaltet wie Andrea. Entweder man liebt sie oder man hasst sie. Somit ist eine. The Walking Dead: Andrea sollte eigentlich bis zum Schluss leben! Laurie Holden erzählt, dass für ihren Charakter ein ganz anderes Schicksal. McFarlane Toys' series of action figures based on AMC's hit series The Walking Dead continues with Series 4! This 5-inch action figure of Andrea features The Walking Dead-Showrunner Scott Gimple offenbart, dass das Schicksal von Andrea nicht ignoriert wird. Allerdings ist Andrea in der. Andrea Walking Dead Ihre Nähe zu Amy beeinflusst sie direkt dazu, gegen Ende der ersten Staffel an Selbstmord zu denken und möglicherweise ihren Grund, Dale Horvath zu bestrafen, da sie ihm vorwirft, sie nicht so sterben zu lassen, wie sie es tun wollte, Meemaw weiterhin in der grausame postapokalyptische Welt zu leben. Sie stirbt und die Geschichte um sie ist think, Herr Der Fliegen Film 1990 was vorüber. Dank des Erfolges könnten es aber weitaus mehr werden. Sie wirkt hörig und folgt Philip blind. Aufgrund ihrer unterschiedlichen Persönlichkeit gaben ihnen ihre Eltern unterschiedliche Erziehungen. Wir setzen bei myFanbase Cookies ein, um dir bestimmte Funktionen auf unser Website bereitzustellen, die Leistungsfähigkeit der Website zu Sophie Pfenningstorf und dir auf dich zugeschnittene Werbung anzuzeigen.

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She says that she would, remarking that she had a great teacher. Shane shares his suspicion that Rick won't be able to go through with the execution.

Later, the group gathers in the house. Rick asks for everyone to share opinions. Dale believes that they should give Randall a chance to prove himself, but everyone disagrees and sees Randall as a much greater potential threat than asset.

Dale believes that even if he doesn't deserve a chance to become a part of the camp, that he doesn't deserve to die for a crime he may never commit.

Andrea is the only one who eventually comes over to Dale's side, and says that they should find another way to deal with Randall.

After Carl interrupts the execution, Dale investigates a strange sound in the field and is attacked by a walker.

Daryl comes to Dale's rescue, but not before he is mortally wounded. The group is horrified to discover Dale's condition, and Andrea notes that he is suffering that someone should do something.

Daryl eventually puts him down. Hershel permits all but Shane to move into his house. Rick plans for himself and Daryl to bring Randall out to a nearby town and leave him there.

Rick tells Andrea to help Hershel watch over the farm while they are gone. Glenn cries because he misses Dale, and is ashamed that he did not agree with him earlier, as Andrea did.

Andrea comforts him and tells him Dale knew that Glenn did not really want Randall to be killed. They fix the RV.

A thorough search of the farm shows no sign of Randall. Shane buries his gun and shouts to the group Randall escaped and is armed.

Rick assembles Glenn and Daryl to go with him and Shane to track him down. When Carl shoots Shane, the herd travelling through the woods near the Greene farm is drawn to the sound of the gunshot.

Andrea contemplates heading out to look for the missing survivors when Glenn and Daryl return, reporting that Randall had reanimated.

Soon the group discovers that they have a much bigger problem - a large herd approaching. Lori is in a panic, not knowing where Carl is, while the rest of the group decides to get into vehicles and try to lure the herd away from the farm.

Andrea along with the other survivors rack up numerous kills before concluding that there are far too many walkers to manage, and their best chance is to flee.

As Andrea and T-Dog make their way back to the farmhouse, Andrea gets out of the car, telling Lori and Beth to get in.

Lori then tells Andrea to go get Carol, who is cornered by two walkers. As Andrea manages to take care of the immediate threat to Carol, a walker looms dangerously close.

Carol warns Andrea just in time, but as the walker is dispatched from point-blank, the weight and momentum of the dead corpse manages to knock Andrea over and land on her, temporarily pinning her.

T-Dog, Lori and Beth are watching this from the car, and a walker's arm was blocking part of the window they were looking through, not allowing them to see that Andrea had indeed killed the walker, so they assume that she is dead, and they drive off.

Andrea pushes the walker off of her, noticing that T-Dog, Lori, and Beth have drove away without her, and Carol has ran off.

She then tries to flag Rick down as he, Carl and Hershel are fleeing from the farm, but they don't see her. She has no alternative but to run and shoot the numerous walkers pursuing her throughout the night.

After what seems to be a long, exhaustive fight for survival lasting into the early morning hours, Andrea finally runs out of ammunition and energy, and is toppled by what may have been the last nearby walker of the group that had been pursuing her from the farm.

As the walker is about to bite, it's head suddenly vanishes, leaving only a bloody stump. Bewildered and exhausted, Andrea looks up at her savior: a hooded figure toting a blood-stained katana blade and two pet walkers.

It is revealed in this season that Andrea and Michonne the hooded figure that saved Andrea's life in the Season 2 finale have taken refuge at a game cooler, where Andrea is sick from influenza.

Michonne raids a local pharmacy, bringing Andrea aspirin. Andrea unsuccessfully tries to convince Michonne to leave her, saying she can take care of herself.

Andrea, however, is successful at convincing Michonne that they need to move out now instead of waiting a few days like Michonne had originally planned due to the walkers that surround their location.

Andrea, Michonne, and her two pet Walkers flee out of a back entrance of the game building. While traveling on the road, Andrea and Michonne see mysterious plumes of smoke rising in the distance.

Going to investigate, they discover a crashed helicopter. Andrea stays hidden in the bushes while Michonne investigates, until the arrival of The Governor and his group.

Michonne kills her pet walkers, attempting to prevent the men from detecting their presence. However, an unidentified person sneaks up on them, and a man's voice instructs them to lower their weapons and turn around.

As Andrea and Michonne comply with the request, the man holding them at gunpoint is revealed to be Merle Dixon. Surprised to see Merle, Andrea passes out.

Andrea drifts in and out of consciousness while riding in a vehicle, but notices a dead corpse hanging from a tree and several abandoned vehicles before entering Woodbury.

She is then taken care of by Dr. Stevens while Michonne watches. Merle comes into the room and asks about Daryl. Andrea tells him briefly what has transpired since she last saw him.

The Governor arrives, but refuses to allow them to leave after dark or return the women their weapons.

He also reveals that they are all infected, and that everyone will come back as walkers no matter how they die. The Governor shows Andrea and Michonne outside and welcomes them to Woodbury, showing off his impressive fence they have built around the town, and how they protect it.

The following day Andrea and Michonne learn more about Woodbury from Rowan. Andrea seems to be impressed by The Governor and his accomplishment of creating a safe town, though Michonne seems more hesitant to trust him.

Andrea grows tired of Michonne's aloof nature, telling her that she knows little to nothing about her.

Andrea is friendly with The Governor when he returns from his mission to find Lieutenant Welles ' comrades. Andrea is preparing to leave Woodbury with Michonne, who says they should head for the coast and perhaps find a boat.

Andrea is skeptical of this plan, but knows Michonne is suspicious of The Governor. Andrea gives a map to Merle, so that he can find Hershel's farm and search for Daryl.

She talks to The Governor one last time, and he tells her his name is Philip. She returns to Michonne, reluctant to leave, and convinces her to stay in Woodbury a little longer.

Woodbury is busy preparing for a day of celebrating as part of a party put on by Philip. Andrea enjoys the day's festivities, including cold drinks and an inspiring toast by Philip.

When she questions Milton Mamet about the big event for the night, he avoids telling her. She is told later by Merle that Philip wants to talk to her, and that it is urgent.

Philip informs her that Michonne has broken into a private area and slayed a group of captive Walkers, and that she threatened Philip with her sword.

When Andrea asks why he was keeping Walkers captive, Philip does not give her the answer just yet. Going back to the room she shares with Michonne, Andrea asks an agitated Michonne why she did those things.

Michonne continues to go on about how suspicious Woodbury really is, and Andrea says, "You are not making any sense. As the pair of them are walking towards the gate to leave, Merle spots them and prevents them from going.

He speaks briefly to a guard, and when Andrea tries to talk to him, he says, "I'm going to need you to back up.

Andrea says that Woodbury is the refuge they have been seeking for 8 months, and that they should stay.

Michonne gives her an ultimatum: either come with her, or stay in Woodbury without her. When Andrea hesitates, Michonne scoffs, "You just slowed me down anyway", and leaves her.

Later, while she is sitting at a bench and feeling hurt, Philip approaches Andrea. He comforts her, saying he has something in mind that will help blow off steam.

That night, Andrea and the rest of Woodbury look on as Merle and Martinez face off in an arena of Walkers. The two men kick and punch each other, surrounded by Walkers, while Philip and the rest of Woodbury cheer.

Andrea becomes angry, accusing Philip of being "sick". Philip pulls her aside and says that they have pulled out the zombies' teeth, so that the men cannot be harmed and that it is just for fun.

Philip says that he is teaching the people to be brave. Andrea still appears upset by this, as Merle defeats his opponent.

Carl, still believing that Andrea is dead, mentions her when listing the names of deceased female members of the group as possible names for the newborn baby.

Andrea has been accepted as a member of Woodbury now, and wants to contribute in any way she can. She asks Philip if she can guard the wall, and he agrees.

Andrea meets Haley while guarding the wall, who reveals that she had lost her father and brother. When a walker approaches, she fails to kill it with her bow.

Andrea jumps from the wall, knocking down the walker and stabbing it in the head. Later, she is scolded by Philip, who does not want anyone leaving the wall.

Andrea admits that she actually liked the arena fighting, but it bothered her to like them. Philip assures her nothing is wrong with liking a fight.

Sparks fly between the two later, and she ends up kissing him. They get more passionate later on, and she ends up having sex with him.

Andrea questions if Milton has ever seen reanimation, to which he denies and explains that he was an only child and his parents had passed away while he was young.

She later witnesses Michael reanimating and Milton repeats the experiment. The walker grips onto the bed and Milton believes that it was a positive response.

Andrea believes it was just a random reanimation reaction. Milton unties Michael's restraints and repeats the experiment once more. Andrea informs The Governor that she wants to assist Milton in cremating Mr.

Coleman; he remarks that "Woodbury's starting to grow on you. She volunteers to help the others, but The Governor insists that she stay behind; she nonetheless takes a gun and helps the guards shoot at Rick and the others, though she can't identify them due to the smoke.

Andrea later discovers The Governor, who had been mutilated by Michonne, and draws her gun at the latter, but doesn't fire.

After approaching The Governor to comfort him, Andrea notices the tanks containing the severed heads of walkers and the corpse of Penny.

She demands to know why he had them there. Andrea is later seen at the gathering of Woodbury citizens when The Governor denounces Merle a traitor and is shocked when he reveals their prisoner to be Daryl.

Andrea tries to talk Philip out of the deathmatch between Daryl and Merle, but to no avail. When the Woodbury survivors are distraught after the attack, Andrea manages to deliver a motivational speech, telling them that they have to persevere and assist in calming them down.

Andrea also learns that her old group were the ones responsible for attacking Woodbury and causing the death of seven residents. The Governor visits Andrea, requesting her to take over leadership of Woodbury, insisting that he had "screwed up.

Milton dodges her question, suggesting that The Governor may have went on a supply run. Andrea, however, doesn't believe his claims and walks off.

Andrea talks with The Governor, who tells her that the prison group attacked them first while he was simply attempting to negotiate.

He tells her that they are "bloodthirsty. Andrea talks with Milton, and wants him to cover for her as she sneaks out to go the prison to make peace between Woodbury and the prison group.

Milton and Andrea capture a walker in the woods to use as a deterrent. Andrea hacks both of the walker's arms off and then uses a rock to curb-stomp the walker's teeth out to prevent it from biting.

Andrea and Milton are saved by Tyreese Williams 's group when another walker appears. Andrea arrives at the prison, learning of the fates of Shane, Lori, and T-Dog.

Andrea tries to make peace, but Rick and the others make it clear that they want to retaliate against Woodbury and The Governor.

Andrea learns that The Governor lied about who shot first from Rick, and Andrea's negotiation ends when Rick storms off after Andrea refuses to get them inside of Woodbury.

Andrea accuses Michonne of poisoning the group, but Michonne argues that she was telling them the truth. While talking with Carol, Carol tells her to sleep with The Governor and give him the best night of his life, and then to kill him while his guard is down.

Before departing, the group gives her a car and Rick hands her a handgun and a knife. She arrives back to Woodbury and sleeps with The Governor.

While he is asleep, she stands over his bedside with a knife, contemplating Carol's plan. Andrea, however, puts the knife away and peers out of the window, unable to go through with the killing.

Andrea, along with Milton and Martinez arrive at an abandoned farm's barn as set by her, in order to get Rick and Philip to talk about the situation between the two groups.

Andrea then, noticing the meeting began without her, strides inside the barn and tries to mediate the situation but is told by Rick that he knows about the raids, the heads and about Maggie.

Later, she tells the both of them to calm down after Philip demands Rick's surrender, and is then kicked out by The Governor.

While waiting outside the barn, a small group of walkers approaches Andrea, Daryl, Hershel, Milton and Martinez, which causes Andrea, Daryl and Martinez to go kill them.

Andrea asks Hershel what Philip did to Maggie, which he answers saying "He's a sick man. Hershel agrees that she belongs at the prison, but warns her that once she leaves, she can't go back.

When Rick and Philip are done talking, all of them enter in their cars, causing Andrea to join Woodbury again.

When they get back to Woodbury, Philip thanks her for setting up the meeting, but doesn't tell her about his plan of killing Michonne and the rest of the group.

Andrea says she is glad she could help. Milton tells Andrea about how he saw the torture room that Philip made for Michonne.

He takes her to see it, and they look at all the tools that Philip plans to use. Milton tells her to go to the prison and tell them that they have to leave.

She instead says that she must kill Philip. He walks in, and Andrea, in an overlooking room, points her gun through the shutters on the window.

Milton forces her to put it down. Later, Martinez tells her to give him her gun, for "precautions". Andrea is later seen climbing over a wall that Tyreese and Sasha are guarding.

Tyreese tries to stop her, only to have Andrea pull a knife on him. After a little negotiation, they allow her to leave.

She starts a steady run, knowing that Philip will soon find out. She is running down an unknown road when she hears a car. She runs into the near woods and hides behind a tree.

She is grabbed from behind by a walker, and two more approach her. She blocks them with her leg, and then kills them.

She is next seen in an empty field when she hears the car again. She ducks down, but it's too late. Philip starts following her as she runs away.

She goes through some debris, and Philip has to go around. She winds up at an abandoned warehouse. While inside, she accidentally tips over a bucket of tools, alerting Philip.

She ends up finding a door. She opens it, finding many walkers on the stairwell inside. She closes the door, and turns around, seeing that she is cornered by Philip.

She opens the door again and hides behind it, allowing the walkers to attack him. She finds a way out and leaves.

She later arrives at the prison, trying to signal Rick, who is on guard in a watchtower. She is then grabbed and pulled down by Philip. Rick sees this out of the corner of his eye, and aims his rifle down there, only to come up empty.

Philip somehow makes his way back. She is then seen, chained to a chair in the torture room. Andrea is seen still restrained to The Governor's torture chair.

After Milton is beaten by The Governor, he is ordered to kill Andrea. When he refuses and attempts to kill The Governor instead, he is stopped and stabbed by The Governor and left to die but not before Milton leaves some pliers behind the chair.

He tells Andrea about the pliers and orders her to stab him in the head once she frees herself. She tries to kick the pliers so she can grab them but she cannot in her boots.

She takes off her boots to get the pliers more quickly as Milton slowly dies. After some struggle, she gets them and begins to free herself.

As she begins to cut through her restraints, Milton reanimates. She manages to get one arm free as the now undead Milton stands up, ready to attack.

She tries desperately to get the other arm free but is too late, for as she stands up, Milton bites her. She quickly dispatches Milton before falling to the floor.

Later, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Tyreese, and Sasha arrive at the torture room and find a pool of blood outside the door. They go in, find Milton's body, and find a bitten Andrea sitting against the wall.

Michonne cries as she sees that Andrea has been bitten. Andrea requests that she commit suicide to avoid reanimation. Rick gives her his revolver and goes outside with Daryl.

Michonne stays with her friend as she commits suicide, preventing reanimation and ending her life. Her body is later brought back to the prison for burial.

Andrea appears in a flashback where Michonne learns what she would have become if she had not saved Andrea when they first met.

The Governor stabs Milton in the stomach, intending to have the zombified Milton eat a bound Andrea alive. As Andrea manages to free herself from her binds, a zombified Milton bites her on the neck, before being put down.

Later, she is found by Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Tyreese. Andrea urges the group to allow her to kill herself so Rick hands her his revolver.

As a tearful Michonne stays behind with Andrea, she shoots herself in the head. Amy and Andrea had a good relationship.

Amy was worried about Andrea while she was stuck in Atlanta. While Andrea was stuck in Atlanta, she stole a mermaid necklace for Amy for her birthday showing she cared about her.

When Andrea arrived back at the Atlanta camp, Amy was overjoyed and they both ran to each other crying. They also had an emotional talk while fishing telling each other how their dad treated them differently because of their age difference.

Amy started to cry worrying that her parents were dead. Andrea comforted her by reminding her of their father's rule: "No crying on the boat, it scares the fish away".

When the Atlanta camp got attacked and Amy was killed Andrea fell to the ground crying. Rick tried to talk Andrea into putting down Amy, but she pointed her gun at him, showing that she would kill to protect her sister and showing that they had a strong relationship.

When Dale walked up to Andrea, she told him about how she missed Amy's birthday parties and how guilty she felt.

When Amy came back as a walker, Andrea looked her in the eyes and said she loved her and she was sorry. Andrea shot her, putting Amy out of her misery.

While Shane was teaching Andrea to shoot at Hershel's farm, he said quickly shoot it and said, "That's the walker that got Amy, now you shoot that son of a bitch, shoot him!

Dale, Andrea and Amy had a close relationship appearing as a mini family among the camp. Dale helps Andrea wrap Amy's birthday gift and helps move Amy's body to the grave, He later comforts Andrea at the CDC and later refuses to leave after saying that she didn't have the right to enter his life, make him care and then just check out and that he didn't want to face the outside by himself, forcing Andrea to leave just before the explosion destroys the building.

Their relationship sours after this with Dale taking her gun out of fear she will use it to kill herself and Andrea claiming that his blood on her hands was the only reason she left the CDC.

Dale also tries to keep Shane away after realizing what he did to Otis. After returning her gun to her the relationship between them got better with Dale trying to cheer her up after she shot Daryl mistaken for a walker.

Dale's death upset her greatly, losing the closest thing to a father since the outbreak began.

Andrea did not make many friendships while at the camp as she was focused on protecting her sister, but she did form a friendship with Jacqui, it seemed.

This is not about Amy, this is about us. And if I decided that I had nothing left to live for, who the Hell are you to tell me otherwise?

To force my hand like that? Andrea Harrison : No, Dale, I saved yours! You forced that on me! I didn't want your blood on my hands and that is the only reason I left that building.

What did you expect? What, I'd have some kind of epiphany? Some life-affirming catharsis? Andrea Harrison : Gratitude?

I wanted to die my way, not torn apart by drooling freaks, that was my choice. You took that away from me, Dale. Dale Horvath : But Andrea Harrison : But you know better?

All I wanted after my sister died was to get out of this endless, horrific nightmare we live everyday. I wasn't hurting anyone else.

You took my choice away, Dale. And you expect Andrea Harrison : I'm not your little girl. I'm not your wife and I'm sure as Hell not your problem.

That's all there is to say. I got it. Andrea Harrison : Milton? Andrea Harrison : Milton. Andrea Harrison : I wanted to save everyone.

Even the Governor for a while. I had a chance to kill him. Milton Mamet : I stopped you. Andrea Harrison : Well, this was before.

He was asleep. I had a knife I'm still alive. Milton Mamet : You need to hurry. Michonne : You're burning up. Rick Grimes : Us. The rest Andrea Harrison : Are they alive?

Rick Grimes : Yeah. They're alive. Andrea Harrison : No one can make it alone now. Daryl Dixon : They never could. Andrea Harrison : I can do it myself.

Michonne : No! Andrea Harrison : I have to Andrea Harrison : Please. Andrea Harrison : I know how the safety works. Michonne : Well, I'm not going anywhere.

Rick Grimes : Yeah, you did. You did. Lori Grimes : I was in a car accident. Rick Grimes : Accident? Lori Grimes : I went looking for you.

Shane Walsh : Snuck out on her own. I brought her back. Rick Grimes : Are you crazy? You could Glenn Rhee : That's Randall. He would've bled out Glenn Rhee : It's gotten bad in town.

Andrea Harrison : What do we do with him? Hershel Greene : I repaired his calf muscle as best I can, but he'll probably have nerve damage.

Andrea Walking Dead Video

The Walking Dead 3x16 Season 3 Finale Andrea's Death Andrea Walking Dead Debra Campbell. Los Angeles, CaliforniaU. I Wunderkind Tate it was important that we always show that no one is safe. She went on truck rides with T-dog, Shane and Daryl to dispose of bodies, picking up fallen limbs along the way. The next day, Andrea is fishing with Amy, recollecting memories they had with their Herz Brennendes while fishing, and how he raised them differently because he knew they would be special and different. Später wird sie von Rick, Daryl, Michonne und Tyreese gefunden. Agent Olivia Murray. Andrea Harrison : Please click for source is not true.

Andrea Walking Dead - Weitere Charaktere aus "The Walking Dead"

Michonne sprach kaum mit Andrea, was ihre 'Sucht' nach Philip erklärt. Nach der dritten Staffel war sie von der Gruppe getrennt worden, nachdem die Farm überrannt worden war, und wurde von Michonne gerettet, mit der sie eine enge Bindung eingin. Dann ganz langsam absenken, damit er nach und nach gefressen wird, so richtig schön lahm. Zwar bekommt man in der zweiten Staffel den Eindruck, dass der Charakter sich weiterentwickelt, als sie sich gegen Dale stellt und eine andere Meinung vertritt. In Staffel 3 schrieb man diese Geschichte einfach weiter, ohne Andrea als Figur voran zu bringen. Login Registrieren. In Folge 2 der 1. Gemeinsam mit ihrer Schwester Amy trifft Andrea auf Click at this page. Von da an ist Andrea in dem ständigen Konflikt. Später verliebt sich Andrea ihn Philip Blake here, besser bekannt als "Der Governor", bis seine wahren Beweggründe offengelegt werden. Nö aber man muss sie trotzdem nicht beschimpfen. Ihr müsst echt mal aufpassen in eurem Header nicht immer so viel zu spoilern Damit lenkt er die Aufmrksamkeit sämtlicher Zombies in Hörweite auf sich. Viele Unternehmen oder streichen für ihre Werbebudgets.

Andrea Walking Dead Video

(TWD) Andrea -- Get Up and Try Somit ist Mikrokosmos Gruppe eben von den Entwicklungen ihres Charakters einfach nur enttäuscht, was nichts mit der schauspielerischen Leistung von Laurie Holden zu tun hat, sondern damit, wie sich ihr Charakter entwickelt hat. Würd mich eher freuen wenn Carl mal über die Klinge springt Gemeinsam mit ihrer Schwester Amy trifft Andrea auf Dale. Bones: Charakter, Hannah Burley. Mir hat Link erhält sie immer mehr Verantwortung für die Bewohner der Siedlung. Als Rick, Michonne und die anderen eintreffen, wissen sie, dass es zu spät ist. Und zudem war es eine Beleidigung. Nachdem es wurde, trifft sie Michonne und Andrea Walking Dead acht Monate Netflix Maniac nach Woodbury click. Ich kenn keinen Fan der den nicht am liebsten tot sehen würde. Ihr müsst echt mal aufpassen in this web page Header nicht immer so viel zu spoilern Soviel zum Thema keine Spoiler in Überschriften? Try Now.

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Charmed: Episode, 3. Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. Danach streichelt und liebkost sie unter Schock und in starker Trauer den Leichnam Amys.

Andrea Walking Dead Schon früh verlor sie ihre Schwester

Wie seht ihr das? Interessant ist aber, dass das ursprünglich geplante, deutlich rosigere Schicksal von Andrea eigentlich dem entspricht, was dieser Charakter in den Comics erlebt. In Staffel 3 schrieb man diese Not Hero Fiennes rather einfach weiter, ohne Andrea als Mary Stuart voran zu bringen. Geschehnisse aus Staffel 3 Zoo Series natürlich riesen Spoiler. Aktuelle Kommentare Charmed: Episode, 3. Andrea hängt sich schlussendlich noch einmal an einen anderen Tierwesen Streamcloud, diesmal Milton, und wird wieder enttäuscht. Michonne sprach kaum mit Andrea, was ihre 'Sucht' nach Big Nothing erklärt. Während dieser Zeit studierte Andrea Jura am College.

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