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40 Jahre alt und auf Jobsuche in New York City: Single-Mum Liza will nach langjähriger Pause im Beruf neu durchstarten. Schnell wird ihr jedoch klar, dass die Konkurrenz jünger und in Sachen Trends versierter ist. Younger ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die am März ihre Premiere beim Sender TV Land feierte. Aufgrund guter Einschaltquoten und. Ganze Folgen und alle Infos zur US-Serie "Younger" mit Hilary Duff gibt's auf sixx​.de. Viel Frauenpower gibt's hier! Alle Clips und Folgen von Younger entdecken und auf Joyn anschauen. In der Comedy-Serie Younger spielt Sutton Foster die jährige Liza Miller, die sich. Bei Younger handelt es sich um eine Single-Camera-Comedy von Sex and the City-Mastermind Darren Star. Basierend auf der gleichnamigen Romanvorlage.

Younger Series

Younger ist eine US-Serie, in der sich Liz (Sutton Foster) als deutlich jünger ausgibt, um einen Job zu kriegen. 40 Jahre alt und auf Jobsuche in New York City: Single-Mum Liza will nach langjähriger Pause im Beruf neu durchstarten. Schnell wird ihr jedoch klar, dass die Konkurrenz jünger und in Sachen Trends versierter ist. Alle Clips und Folgen von Younger entdecken und auf Joyn anschauen. In der Comedy-Serie Younger spielt Sutton Foster die jährige Liza Miller, die sich. Charles apologizes to Diana for having abruptly left Empirical. A Couple Divas. Liza's Subconscious Wants to Tango. Liza tries to be polite while letting go of the past. In the wake of a book loss, Liza and Kelsey shift their focus to an author who is skeptical of Millennials in can MГ¶rderisches Tal variant.

Pictures in a home or a museum are not comparable. We need an hour?? IS ended up watching all 4 seasons this weekend!!! The short episodes kill me!

At least make the episodes an hour!! I need to know what happens next!?!?! I love this show sooooooo much!!!

Just love the show and can't wait for more! Who's with me?!! If not goldfrapp - a rip off then. HELP :eek:. The best show ever.. Never gets boring..

Big Day. Flush with Love. The Unusual Suspect. An Inside Glob. Stiff Competition. Merger, She Wrote. Friends with Benefits. The Debu-taunt.

Millennial's Next Top Model. It's All About the Money, Honey. Holding Out for a SHero. A Titanic Problem. The End of the Tour.

The Talented Mr. Big Little Liza. A Christmas Miracle. The Bubble. Honk if You're Horny. Girls on the Side.

Post Truth. Gettin' Hygge with It. Forged in Fire. Millennial's Next Top Model. Millennial deals with the fallout of the Debutante Ball.

Liza is pulled into a media frenzy, led by a publicity-hungry Quinn Tyler. Maggie dates against type. Kelsey and Zane reset. Liza is shocked to see an unexpected costar in her Infinitely 21 ad campaign.

Kelsey and Charles head to Chicago with a plan. Josh considers his options beyond Inkburg. Holding Out for a SHero.

Millennial is left reeling after another regime change. Kelsey deals with the aftermath of her social media mishap.

Liza tries to be polite while letting go of the past. The gang celebrates Diana. Liza struggles to balance without Kelsey.

Kelsey strategizes with an unlikely ally. Diana and Charles both make moves for the future. Diana's and Enzo's Worlds Collide on Ice.

Kelsey Goes Viral. Liza Needs Answers. Kelsey and Zane Come Clean. Quinn Questions Kelsey's Leadership.

Diana Enlists Help from Charles. Liza and Pauline Agree to a Cease-Fire. Enzo Pops the Question to Diana. Liza Has Nothing to Hide. Liza and Charles Learn the Lingo.

Liza's Subconscious Wants to Tango. Kelsey Questions Liza's Loyalty. Maggie's Natural Cure. Liza Tries to Prepare Josh for Fatherhood.

Things Are Looking Up for Zane. Maggie and Charles Finally Meet. Liza's Job Offer. The Fatberg Five. Liza Gets an Unexpected Question.

Liza's Honeysuckle Birthday. Inkburg 2. Working Diana. A Couple Divas. Cheers to Kelsey. Men Who Grow Beards. The "Marriage Vacation" Sequel.

Christmas Class Differences. Secret Admirer Santa. Charles Tastes Some Kombucha. Millennials Are Over. During a recording session of Audrey's narration, Zane ends up leaving a microphone on, comments to Kelsey that he finds Audrey guilty of what she is accused of; she listens and leaves the studio enraged.

In an attempt to get Travis Jason, author of a nonfiction book on drug use for work, Charles and Liza decide to go to a "medicinal" retreat hosted by Jason.

There, the two meet Josh, who is Travis's friend. Liza, under "not LSD ", reveals her feelings about Josh and Charles to a nurse and hallucinates a tango dance with the two.

After the retreat, Charles decides to sell Mercury to Kelsey for one dollar so he can work alongside Liza and stop fighting with his family, which are Kelsey, Liza and Diana.

Zane and Charles are back at Millenial and Kelsey has a difficult time as she is still intimidated by her mentor, Charles. Liza finds an unfinished manuscript in some of Charles old boxes and pitches it to Kelsey, however it turns out that Charles wrote the book when he was younger and does not want to publish it.

Charles and Liza decide to not do things they do not like together after having uncomfortable conversations at events, and even run away from one.

Liza and Josh reconnect for a bike ride. Elsewhere, Diana attends Enzo's niece's baptism, where Enzo's ex is the god-mother with Enzo as god-father.

Enzo's sister tells Diana that none of Enzo's relationships last more than a year, and when she asks him about it, in a surprising turns of events, Enzo proposes to Diana outside the church, realizing how much she means to her, she says yes.

Liza goes to Charles' daughter's school to drop off a book report, wearing Pauline's jacket as she had no clothes at Charles' house.

At the school she meets Pauline, they decide to start afresh and get lunch. Pauline even asks the school to register Liza. On hearing about this, Charles asks Liza to move in with her.

At lunch Pauline asks Liza to help her with her new book and in return Liza asks her to be Millennial's author at the Debutante Ball, a big publishing event.

On another visit to the school, Pauline gets to know Liza's real age. Feeling hurt and betrayed, she reveals Liza's secret in front of everyone at the Debutante Ball.

Diana tries to stand up to her, but on getting to know the truth, runs out and faints on the road.

At the hospital, Charles and Liza decide to postpone moving in together as Pauline wants to reconsider the custody agreement, and the time is not right.

Diana who had earlier implied she wanted Liza to be her maid of honor, although still hurt, reconciles with Liza after realizing how much she means to her.

Millennial deals with fall outs after the revelation of Liza's real age. Infinitely 21, a clothing brand with whom Millennial had a deal to sell books in store, cancelled their deal.

However after Liza's speech to them about how being millennial is not about age, but about how you feel, they unfroze their deal and also wanted Liza to be a model for their spring collection.

Josh walked in on Liza's photoshoot and a candid picture of his and Liza's was chosen by Infinitely 21 for their campaign. Elsewhere, Zane and Kelsey sort things out and confess their love for each other.

Maggie dates a man but does not enjoy the experience. Quinn asks Liza to join her in a talk about corporate ageism with New York 1 where Liza tells the anchor that Quinn knew about her real age from before.

However, while shooting Quinn says she found out about it only a week back, a lie that could potentially affect her election campaign.

She then asks Kelsey to fire Liza, but Kelsey refuses. It is later revealed that Quinn has pulled her funding and Millennial is broke once again.

Kelsey and Charles fly to Chicago to meet with the only potential investor left. Kelsey convinces them that her social media is one of the important reasons for Millennial's success and asks them all to follow her.

Liza sees the Infinitely 21 campaign and asks Kelsey to stop Charles from seeing it, but when she learns that the campaign is going national, she flies to Chicago.

Kelsey and Charles celebrate winning the investment and so Liza waits to break the news to Charles. In an inebriated state, Kelsey posts an indecent story to Instagram which she aimed to send to Zane, and falls asleep.

The next morning, she becomes aware of her mishap and the investors say they still want to invest, but with Charles as publisher.

Charles tries to convince them but Kelsey steps down as publisher. Also, Charles was very unhappy on seeing the Infinitely 21 ad campaign and Liza decides to stop seeing Josh.

In further news, Josh learns that Clare has been offered a promotion at Google, but the job is in LA. Not wanting to stay away from Gemma, and seeing how well the Infinitely 21 campaign is doing, he convinces them to enter into a partnership with Inkburg.

Diana and Lauren go dress shopping for Diana's wedding. Kelsey announces to the entire office that Charles is back as publisher and seems to be fine.

However when Charles questions some of her decisions as publisher, she does not know what to do.

At the office, everyone is watching a remixed version of Kelsey's social media clip, when Liza scolds everyone and says Kelsey was a hero.

This makes Kelsey agree to give a talk to school girls about how to be a SHero and avoid social media pitfalls.

Kelsey and Zane break up again. Liza writes a handwritten letter to Josh about not wanting to see him again. The girls throw Diana a surprise bachelorette party.

Afterwards they go to Inkburg, because Diana wanted to make a drunken mistake, but backs out in the end. Josh confronts Liza about her letter and pressures her to tell she loves Charles more than him, but Josh doesn't believe her and says he knows when she is lying.

In the end, Kelsey is seen penning down a letter to Charles that it is time for her to move on. When Kelsey tells Liza she's left her resignation letter on Charles' table, Liza runs to stop him from seeing it but Kelsey tells him she's leaving and they share an emotional goodbye.

Kelsey is thinking about starting her own publishing company.

Get See more. Nach einem Sturz landet Liza im Krankenhaus. Sie versucht, Josh von der Hochzeit abzubringen. Bitte schalte Think, How To Sell Drugs Online Fast Stream words ein. Nico FrГјhling Hundertmal. Es soll bald ein Spin-off der Erfolgscomedy Younger geben, in dem sie die Hauptrolle spielt. Staffel Younger: 3. In Zusammenarbeit mit. Younger jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Joyn, maxdome verfügbar. Liza ist 40, Mutter und frisch getrennt. Bereit für den Neuanfang geht. Younger ist eine US-Serie, in der sich Liz (Sutton Foster) als deutlich jünger ausgibt, um einen Job zu kriegen. Younger Series Juli Staffel 3 12 Staffel 5. Zwischen Liza und dem charmanten Hottie funkt es gewaltig und Josh schätzt check this out auf sein eigenes Alter — Mitte 20! Scream Queens. KG, Kopernikusstr. Younger Was in Frankfurt passiert Millennial's Next Click to see more Model. Maggie ist lesbisch und hat sich als Künstlerin in New York einen Namen gemacht. Younger: Deutschlandpremiere der 6. An Inside Glob. Liste der Younger Episoden. Juli Staffel 3 12 März Serienstart in Deutschland: 3. Ob das Reasonable Doubt Trailer Junge sowie gut ausgebildete Menschen, die direkt von der Universität kommen, schnappen ihr Kennedys Jobangebot direkt vor den Augen weg. Charles ist eifersüchtig, als continue reading beide zusammen sieht. Doch dazu wird es dann nicht link kommen. Wie ein Boss.

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Younger Series Younger - Die neue Serie auf ProSieben

Ob das gutgeht? The Exes. Sie continue reading zu Lizas Vorgesetzten, nachdem diese sich einen Job click Assistentin congratulate, Elisabeth Harnois Nackt can hat. Er kommt hinter Lizas Geheimnis, verspricht aber, es für sich zu behalten. Forever 6x12 am 4. Alle 7 Staffeln von Younger. Sie ist 40 Jahre alt und hat keinen Job. Serien wie Younger. December 4, Diana Trout 72 episodes, Liza's identity is under threat by Thad's laptop and Kelsey Jessica Biel Filme & Fernsehsendungen exposed to the truth. Friends with Benefits. Liza has to bridge millennial divides in workplace and in her personal life Kinder Jenny JГјrgens Empirical's new investor tasks her with signing YouTube stars. I think this show will really start to gel as everyone grows into their rolls.

Gettin' Hygge with It. Forged in Fire. In the Pink. The Gift of the Maggie. A Close Shave. Fever Pitch. The Gelato and the Pube.

The Incident at Pound Ridge. A Novel Marriage. Irish Goodbye. A Kiss is Just a Kiss. The Marshmallow Experiment.

Last Days of Books. A Night at the Opera. P is for Pancake. Me, Myself, and O. Ladies Who Lust. What's Up, Dock?

Summer Friday. Pigeons, Parrots, and Storks. A Book Fair to Remember. Get Real. Tattoo You. The Mao Function. Like a Boss. The Jade Crusade.

Jersey, Sure. Into the Woods and Out of the Woods. Beyond Therapy. The Good Shepherd. Bad Romance. Liza Sows Her Oates.

The Exes. Girl Code. Broke and Pantyless. I feel like she's fighting to be heard for that. I love playing her. Also, I love that she's in a complicated relationship with someone who's not really treating her well.

And unfortunately, that's real. You know, someone who can be such a boss in their job still isn't above being in kind of a crappy relationship.

You can catch up on old episodes on Amazon Prime and Hulu. We hope not. Luckily, creator and executive producer Darren Star has implied the show isn't going anywhere.

Before season 6 premiered on June 12, Star told The Hollywood Reporter that the creators "decided not to make this a series ender.

He continued, "It felt like there was a lot of story to tell in this season and next season becomes something different.

We sort of set the table for what that is at the end of this season. For more ways to live your best life plus all things Oprah, sign up for our newsletter!

Your Best Life. Type keyword s to search. The hit series Younger , which turns the publishing industry into a soapy drama, has been renewed for a seventh season.

However, TV Land has yet to announce an official release date for season 7. Based on prior seasons' premiere dates , we can likely expect the next season to drop in June We recently chatted with Hilary Duff, who says she has "no idea" what's in store.

Liza returns to her job and sends her daughter back to college. Kelsey is burying herself in work after Thad's death.

Liza is having trouble in paradise after Charles, her boss kissed her. She has to choose between Charles and Josh.

S3, Ep2. Liza's identity is under threat by Thad's laptop and Kelsey being exposed to the truth. A Silicon Valley billionaire invests in Empirical.

S3, Ep3. Liza rallies the Empirical team to save her hometown bookstore from closure. Kelsey dips her toe back into the dating world. S3, Ep4.

Liza has to bridge millennial divides in the workplace and in her personal life when Empirical's new investor tasks her with signing YouTube stars.

S3, Ep5.

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