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Laat de schijf niet vallen en sla er niet op. Raak de printplaat niet aan. Statische elektriciteit kan de schijf onherstelbaar beschadigen.

De geheugenprestaties kunnen afwijken door verschillende systeemconfiguraties. Completare solo la procedura di sostituzione parte in tale sezione.

Pertanto, si raccomanda di evitare urti o cadute del disco rigido. Non toccare i circuiti stampati. Le prestazioni della memoria possono variare in funzione delle differenti configurazioni di sistema.

NOTA: Le caratteristiche del computer possono variare a seconda del modello. Fuldend kun trinnene for udskiftning af del i det afsnit.

Statisk elektrisitet kan skade harddisken. Minneytelsen kan variere avhengig av systemkonfigurasjonen. They were 4 of the battle cruiser Beatty, 3 were in the Mediterranean to intercept "Gebena" and "Queen Mary" soon joined the squadron.

Ad war Germany on 4 August Beatty received with relief after a long nervous wait. He was certain that war will be fleeting.

Even before the declaration of war battle-fleet out to sea, sending a squadron to the coast of Norway Beatty and light forces to intercept the German raiders, but returned not find the enemy.

The first days were limited by small fleets of adversaries actions. However, public opinion of England demanded decisive results.

The Admiralty had approved a plan of attack on German forces in the patrol Gelgolandskoy Bay to call out the enemy at sea and put it on the line 5 cruisers Beatty.

The attack on 28 August failed. When the fight entered the German cruiser, Beatty risk to enter their boats in the narrow passage, dobil immediate enemy and retreated.

Of the 3 lost 2 cruisers sunk by German battle cruiser. The first victory lifted the spirit of the fleet. However, Beatty was a little offended that only in October received a thank-you letter from the Admiralty.

After the defeat at Coronel 3 battle cruiser sent to the shores of America, which split from the squad Shpee Folklendskih islands.

Beatty has carefully examined the details Folklendskogo battle. He found a huge flow of heavy projectiles with a relatively small number of hits due to shortcomings in management of artillery fire.

The victory was achieved only by a superior fleet. In the meantime, and the German command decided to lift the spirit of the fleet to intensify action.

Squadron Beattie hastily withdrew into the sea, but did not manage to catch up with Hippera. December 15, again the German battle cruiser came to shell the coast of England, and behind them as a cover for Navy ships have gone the high seas, Admiral Ingenolya.

With the knowledge of the German Code of withdrawal Hippera knew from radio and Dzhelliko part of the fleet sent to intercept, without knowing about the main forces of the enemy.

Two Navy closer, but Ingenol decided to depart earlier than the meeting occurred. Beatty, persecuting the German destroyers and turned back, also did not know that a little would not reach the main forces of the high seas fleet.

Meanwhile, the German battle cruiser fired Hartpul, Scarborough and moved away, did not found the British fleet.

The shelling of the British coast has caused indignation of public opinion. However, limited to maritime command that moved the battle cruiser in Rozayt closer to a possible place of the battle.

Sam Beattie believed that when dealing with the enemy will certainly be defeated and the war ended. The evening of January 23, Squadron Hippera again went into the sea, supported by group dreadnought.

According to the radio in the area of Dogger-bank sent the ships, accompanied by Beatty light forces to intercept the enemy.

At dawn on January 24, battle cruiser approached the goal and saw the enemy. At the squadron Hippera noticed the superior British force, turned back.

Beatty ordered to increase the speed to 29 knots, but some of his cruisers start to lose ground. He received severe injuries battle cruiser "Zeydlits, but at the tow was taken at the base.

On the other hand - has received 17 hits heavy projectiles flagship "Lion" lost control and went down. Sam Beattie miraculously stayed alive, but standing on the open bridge.

Next to the post of officers did not pursue a major force Hippera. Beatty was dissatisfied. He believed that it was possible to exterminate all of the German battle cruiser.

But the public admired the fact that Vice-Admiral to avenge the bombardment of British cities. Only in the spring of , after a period of inactivity Fleet seas headed by the new commander of R.

Sheerom made several incursions into the North Sea. May 31, out of English and German fleets led to Yutlandskomu battle.

There were 6 Beatty battle cruiser, 4 superdrednouta, 13 light cruisers and 39 destroyers, with whom he went to connect to the main forces to a point 90 miles from the Skagerrak.

His squadron accidentally met with Hipperom. Beatty immediately went to the convergence of the main forces, giving the signal to the counter-Admiral Hugh Evan-Thomas, commander of sverhdrednoutami, follow him.

However, "Barheme" signals are not even accepted. The British pursued despite the fact that during the two-way exchanges of artillery to the south a squadron of German shells hit British ships, a battle cruiser "Indifatigabl" and "Queen Mary" took off in the air.

Help had finally podoshedshie 4 sverhdrednouta Evan Thomas. Sam Beattie for the convenience of the fire remained under observation in the open bridge.

After 16 hours and 30 minutes, when the patrol cruiser "Southampton" Navy discovered the high seas, the role changed.

Now, Beatty turned to the north, leads to its main enemy forces, not a suspect, that the sea went the entire British fleet.

Beatty, taking advantage of the speed, chose a course in which Hipper as long as possible could not find strength Dzhelliko.

At the same opponents exchanged volleys, which caused serious damage. An hour later on the battlefield there were 3 main battle cruiser vanguard forces and engaged in battle, but even one hour "Invincible" took off in the air.

Meanwhile, the battle joined for the Grand Fleet. Admiral Sheer, seeing a superior opponent, made the turn "all the sudden" and headed to their shores, before the onset of darkness made several turns to evade the enemy.

Dzhelliko decided not to fight night. In the darkness were sporadic clashes, attacks minonostsev. As a result, the German Navy was able to reach the bases, deprived of only one modern ship - battle cruiser "Lutzow".

In Germany, the battle declared "victory in the Skagerrak" and awarded the parties. In fact, the sea is for the Grand Fleet, as many German ships requiring repair, while 24 British dreadnought almost not affected.

However, the press initially estimated the battle as a failure, and only a month later he was winning. Beatty immediately after the battle has caused to his eldest surviving an artillery officer with the dead ship, and long inquired.

For him, on 31 May was not a holiday, but memories of the day of the dead. Beattie believed that it was possible to completely defeat the enemy, and it did not happen due to the fault Dzhelliko.

British sailors were divided into supporters of Beatty and Dzhelliko. The first thought that Beatty led the fleet to bring it to victory, as Nelson did at Trafalgar.

Others thought that Beatty embarked on a pell-mell battle, and broke plans Dzhelliko. August 18, Dzhelliko again out fleet after the news about the German navy.

Avant-garde line of cruisers and sverhdrednouty Beatty. However, opponents of randomness is not met: German Zeppelin took over battleship detachment of destroyers, and Sheer turned not to be cut off from the bases.

Once out of the go forth in November , Navy seas 2 dreadnought suffered attacks from submarines. Kaiser banned exits into the sea. On the other hand, and Dzhelliko believed that the Grand Fleet go far into the dangerous south.

His place of the commander of the fleet in the waters of metropolitan released. While Beatty was the ninth highest in the list of applicants, and Dzhelliko propose a candidate, but under the influence of public opinion is elected Beattie.

On 27 November he took command. A week later, year-old sailor made of admirals. Immediately after the entry into the command Beatty collected leader, who was the youngest age.

With the tact he has managed to find a common language with subordinates. In the next two years confined to the British blockade and were at sea when the news of the possible withdrawal of high seas fleet.

When in January , Germany announced unrestricted underwater warfare, Beatty had to work hard to bring order to escort ships.

Only in April , the German fleet left the base. Despite the fog, Beatty brought the ship into the sea But the battle did not happen, because the Germans were late to intercept the convoy and returned earlier than Beatty approached.

The war ended. In September , Beatty on behalf of First Sea Lord Uemissa with a group of officers began to develop and October , Admiralty and the Government introduced the draft terms of putting the German Navy.

Because there was no high-profile victories in the war, it was necessary to make such a victory for the surrender.

The draft stipulated that the allies should refer the newest ships of the German Navy, including all submarines in the alert.

In November , a truce was signed with Germany on the basis of which 15 November Beatty received the surrender of German fleet.

A week later, the best German ships were in Scapa-Flow. The question of the fate of the German fleet has led to discord with the Americans, who feared that the UK will become hegemon seas, and Germany offered to return part of its fleet.

Beatty, like most seamen of England, stood for the division of the fleet between the allies. In a memorandum to the Admiralty, Admiral pointed out the danger of marine arms race, which is envisaged in the United States, and offered to distribute trophies to apportion losses of the allied fleets, which retains the advantage of the British.

Flooding of the German ships by their teams of 21 Jun. However, the U. After the war Beatty was surrounded with glory.

April 3, and his Dzhelliko fired in excess of admirals in the Navy. After cruising the Mediterranean Sea captain received earldom, the title of honorary citizen of London, the Order of Merit, honorary academic titles and degrees oldest university, the monetary value of the , pounds twice Dzhelliko.

Almost 8 years, until July , Fleet Admiral edinovlastno almost solved the main issues of marine policy. He had to deal with such complex issues as intervention in Soviet Russia, development of doctrine in a growing sea power of the United States and Japan, demobilization and modernization of the fleet, the reduction of marine weapons at international conferences, international experience of the war, the construction of a naval base in Singapore, and many others.

It is strongly sought by the Government of the necessary material resources and to maintain good relations with all the maritime ministers who acknowledge his authority as a military professional.

During the discussion, which the fleet must have, Beatty has made the need to maintain the battleship as a nucleus surrounded by a mass of cheap cruisers and other small vessels.

He had to accommodate the growth of the fleet of Japan, becoming a major adversary in the Pacific Ocean. In , based on established general maritime headquarters outline strategic plan for war against Japan, Beatty persuaded the heads of delegation to the Imperial Conference, that the threat is not as great dominion, and the fleet will have to come to the Pacific Ocean before the Japanese would be able to organize large takeovers.

It was finally decided to abandon the alliance with Japan, so as not to spoil relations with the United States.

However, Beatty and his staff had to decide what can be contrasted to the American maritime power. Admiral Navy believed that the Americans are learning quickly, but low to assess their quality of experience of fighting World War II.

In , in the Admiralty insisted that there should be parity with the U. A special advantage of creating a system well-equipped bases around the world and a huge commercial fleet.

With these main findings and Beattie went to the Washington conference. Beatty was an advisor, not a member of the delegation.

However, due to its credibility, he influenced the course of the conference. Upon arriving in the U. Everywhere it greeted as a hero of war.

In a report to King Beatty wrote that the American proposal to stop at 10 years of heavy construction vehicles would be difficult for the military industry will require the support and the resumption of shipbuilding will cost dearly.

He soon returned to England, leaving Chetfildu instructions.

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